10 Essential Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide

cancer risk factors
risk of cancer

None of us probably want to hear the news that someone we know and love has been diagnosed with cancer. As the premier cancer hospital in Bhubaneswar, Sum Ultimate Medicare we have witnessed the mental toll and impact of cancer on patients and their friends and families. Although cancer isn’t always preventable, proactive steps can help reduce risks. In this blog, we will be going through some key strategies that’ll be immense in mitigating the risk of cancer. Also, you should always pay attention and listen to your body and report to your doctor in case of any discomfort or problem.

Here are some concrete steps that you can implement straight away to reduce the risk of cancer.

  • Stop Smoking and Chewing Tobacco Right Now!

Smoking is and will always be linked to countless unknown health problems and diseases including cancer and its many types like lung cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, etc. Many people don’t but are exposed to secondhand smoke which is just as dangerous as smoking. Regular tobacco use, including chewing, is equally harmful as smoking, if not worse.

Start now: Say no to smoking and chewing tobacco.

  • Sun Is Important But only in Moderation

You may know about skin cancer and that is because it is a particularly common cancer type. Proper sun safety measures make skin cancer the most easily preventable cancer. Exposing yourself to ultraviolet (UV) radiation for long hours from the sun can significantly hurt skin cells’ DNA. 

Stay indoors during peak sun hours (10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.), or wear full-sleeve clothing and use sunscreen with SPF 30+ when outdoors.

  • Eat Clean and Nutrient Packed Meals

Let’s address the elephant: Eating clean may not be sufficient to prevent cancer. But consuming a healthy and balanced diet will significantly lessen the risk of you getting cancer. 

Make sure you eat lots of fruits and vegetables along with plenty of whole grains and legumes. Avoid eating refined sugars and opt for natural sugar options like honey. Furthermore, avoid drinking alcohol or drink it in moderation.

  • Run, Exercise And Walk

It’s no secret these days that the lower your body weight is, the lower your chance of catching any deadly diseases. This is why it is massively important that you exercise regularly to keep your body fit and firing. To strengthen your cardiovascular health it is imperative for you to either go out on a 10 or 20-minute run or walk for 30 minutes daily. 

Building muscle not only enhances your physique but also reduces the risk of various types of cancers like breast, lung.

  • Be Careful And Act Wisely

We’ve all been there doing stupid things just because it feels right. Practice safe sex with condoms and birth control to prevent STIs like HIV and HPV.

Final Thoughts 

Cancer is certainly preventable thanks to the advances in healthcare technology these days. The key is to detect cancer as early as possible to give yourself the best chance to defeat cancer. You can do your regular checkups and lessen the chances of cancer by visiting SUM Ultimate Medicare as we have some of the best oncologists in Bhubaneswar.

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