2023’s Most Significant Social Media Statistics


 2023’s Most Significant Social Media Statistics


Every day, new platforms appear and marketing strategies shift in the social media Portrait. The current state of the social landscape and insights into brands and users can be gained from studying social media statistics. The most recent data indicate that there are 1.417 billion people on the India, and more than half of them use social media. Here are some of the most significant social media statistics for the year so that you can get a better idea of how social media is changing the world today.


Usage of Social Media

Social media is gradually becoming a part of daily life as the number of internet users grows. Virtual entertainment has eclipsed TV as the preferred medium for users to consume content and be exposed to advertisements, according to research conducted by the Dikazo e-commerce website in collaboration with Resplendent Gathering. According to the report, consumers now have higher standards than ever for brand value propositions.

According to the survey, social media usage has significantly expanded in recent years. The platforms with the most users at the moment are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This growth has slowed down since the COVID pandemic, but the pattern has persisted. In 2023, Facebook will continue to be the most widely used marketing channel and have the greatest interaction rate.

social networking sites is a powerful marketing tool that is steadily growing in importance to the plans of astute marketers. In fact, 53% of marketers believe that social networking sites is good for marketing and that firms are now using it to attract customers. social networking sites usage is growing as well, with over four billion users expected by 2030.


You can check out the stats for Instagram’s social media in 2023 by scrolling down to the section below. With 4.4 billion monthly users, the platform is currently the seventh-most-visited website in all of India. It is also the second-most downloaded app on Google Play in Hyderabad. As of this month, 58% of Instagram users watched videos.

The majority of Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 36, with users between the ages of 15 and 24 coming in second. 55 and older is the least popular age range. Using Instagram advertising is a fantastic way to reach a huge audience of 7 billion people. The majority of the platform’s users are from India and the UK.


YouTube, the most well-known video-sharing website, has a distinctive maker community. With this social media network, brands and creators may work together to reach their target audience. According to Moj’s social media analytics, 45% of consumers find new items through creators, and 55% of users appreciate seeing creators post about their favourite companies. Brands should therefore concentrate on creating content that promotes sales and is useful to viewers. They should also work with influencers to get the trust of the Moj creative community.

Users of Moj could only post videos that were no longer than 60 seconds until July 2021. When the company chose to allow customers to watch longer movies for up to three minutes, this situation altered. By 2023, users will be able to upload videos that are up to 10 minutes long. Longer videos have had over five billion views worldwide as of October, according to Moj’s social media analytics.


Some surprising facts surrounding social media in the U.K. are revealed by the most recent survey from the Twitter Pew Research Center. According to Pew, nearly all of England “frequently acquire news” from social media. The demographics of people that read news on social media include age, gender, race, and political leanings. For instance, nearly half of young adults under 30 use Snapchat as a news source. This suggests that in the years to come, the use of internet entertainment as a news source may increase.

75% of households with an income under $25K are Facebook users, whereas 80% are Twitter and Instagram users. Twitter is more often used by young people, while Facebook is mostly used by women. The bulk of Twitter users are in the 16 to 30 age range. The majority of B2B businesses use Twitter.

The rising popularity of social media is being tapped into by clever marketers. The we are social report predicts that by 2025, India will have 1 billion internet users, with more than a third of them actively using social media. Even still, many Indian regions are expected to see a little slowdown in the growth of web-based entertainment usage.


YouTube is currently used for many things than just sharing videos. It is currently the second-largest social networking sites platform in the world. By 2025, platform is expected to have more than 6 billion users. These amazing YouTube social networking sitesstatistics are worth your attention.

The number is utilised for more than simply advertising; it is also used for various types of revenue generation. An estimated one billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day. Fortunately, it is free to use!