4 Ways for Recruiters to Use Hybrid Working Effectively


Pre-covid many people believed that remote working is just a dream. There was a perception that people working remotely would not be as productive as the ones who are working from their offices. But the pandemic has changed everything, now best recruitment agencies are now offering more remote jobs, and there was no going back ever since. 

Now almost three years into the pandemic, hybrid working has become more expected, not an extraordinary move though. According to the data released by Linkedin, more than one-third of people actually quit their job if they are asked to get back to their office. But it’s enough to work in hybrid working and offer recruiters quite flexibly. 

As the premier recruitment consultancy, we bring you four ways in which recruiters can use hybrid working quite effectively. 

  • Think and Plan long term- As per the Office for national statistics, 84% of workers say they plan to remain working in the Hybrid model and partly in the office. And let us tell you hybrid working is to stay here for a longer amount of time, so it is very important for recruitment businesses to make investments in the future now. 
  • Help Your Recruiters Keep Learning- Hybrid working has a positive impact and provides job satisfaction to employees. But continued learning and development will still be vital to retaining your best recruiter long-term. 
  • Stay Social- One of the biggest challenges of hybrid working a great team culture and sense of community. Here are some useful 
  1. Regular points of contact for your teams- This includes not just the meetings, but social events, online and offline. 
  2. Bringing a social dimension into training through gamification and shared learning. 
  3. Opportunities to work together virtually, creating space for those informal, unstructured chats that you expect in the office. 
  • Play to the Strength of the Office– Supporting the remote aspect of hybrid working is important, but the office still has a big role to play. More than ever, recruitment businesses are rethinking their workplaces to make them compelling and attractive.