5 tips for choosing the right mover

5 tips for choosing the right mover


Choosing your Best Removals Adelaide moving company is not trivial. When it comes to changing accommodation, it is often useful to call on a professional . Anticipate your move, check the credibility of moving companies, compare quotes from professionals, make a visit with the mover and be present during the move: here are the 5 keys to moving peacefully .


1 Anticipate your move

This is a crucial point: taking the lead allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises on the big day. This attitude gives you more room for action: you have time to anticipate problems and choose the most suitable moving company. adapted to your situation. Two or three months should give you plenty of time to find the perfect mover for your move , depending on the following points.
The date of the move
If you can, prefer slow periods in the sector like autumn; avoid spring and summer, movers are often over whelmed at this time.

The distance traveled for the move (in Australia )

Distance matters . You will not use the same moving companies if you move from one district of Paris to another, or even from one region to another or from Australia.
Goods (furniture, etc.) to be moved

Finally, if you have special objects to move , expensive furniture or fragile furniture, or if you need any other specific service , note this carefully: this will be useful to you when creating the quote.


2 List several moving companies and check their credibility

Don’t jump on the first online professional you come across. Since you have thought ahead, use the time wisely. Consult the different moving company websites and focus on at least the four elements detailed below.

Legal notices of the site

The site’s legal notices allow you to verify that the company is listed and it actually exists.

Online customer reviews

Reviews and testimonials from previous customers are a huge help. This will give you a first indication of the seriousness of the mover.

Company certification for “private moving”

The NF Service certification issued by Afnor gives you the assurance that the professional undertakes to respect specifications governing the services (preparation, estimate, contract, actual move and after-sales service).

Membership of the moving company in a union

The moving company’s membership in a union is an additional guarantee confirming your assurance: the mover seems trustworthy and respects quality charters drawn up by professional organizations in the sector. The field is clear, you can go there.

3 Compare quotes from movers

Choose companies that suit your needs. Ask each person for a complete quote for the desired service. By comparing quotes, you will get a clear idea of ​​the offer, prices, guarantees and the package offered. Ask yourself these questions.


The packages offered by the moving company (transport of furniture, volume, services)

It is possible that certain companies, although serious, refuse or are unable to provide you with a service (raising a piano to the tenth floor, etc.). So do not sign anything without a scrupulous examination : have the assurance that the mover is committed to providing the service you need .

The prices of the moving company (basic price and additional services)

Prices matter: based on an equivalent service, which professional is the cheapest? Is the cost difference significant? If so, be careful! Reread all the characters in the quote to avoid the scam . If the quality/price ratio seems right to you, then you have found your moving company!

4 Meet the company to take a tour

This is free . Either you bring in several furniture movers before they prepare the quote. Either, you only bring in the one you have chosen (even if it means switching to another if you are not satisfied). In both cases, this has two advantages for the mover and you.

Obtain a correct idea of ​​the goods to be moved and the specifics of your home

The moving professional can prepare and verify that they can meet your needs . It identifies difficulties that you would not have thought of: size of the street, the elevator or a corridor in the house, fragile furniture or objects that cannot be dismantled, etc.

Get a concrete idea of ​​the professionalism of the selected moving company

Furthermore, if you realize that the mover does not provide you with the level of guarantee you want , run away! You will find another serious company in the list you have compiled.

  1. Track the progress of the move

Being at home during the move gives more guarantees. You are also there to sign the official documents to be given to the mover. Two documents must be complete.

Declaration of end of work

If you notice damage or a problem : breakage of objects, damage to furniture or the house (door, staircase, wall, window), loss of property, you will detail it in the appropriate field of the declaration of end of work .

What to do if the quality is not there?


You will have ten calendar days to send a registered letter confirming your declarations. This letter will allow you to take the matter to court if necessary.

How to choose your moving company? A new life awaits you!

The boxes are close, the movers and packers packaging is finished. New rental or purchase, you are ready for change. Leave at ease, because you now know how to choose your moving company . Just remember:

  • To anticipate your move;
  • To list several moving companies and check their credibility;
  • To compare quotes from movers;
  • To meet the company to make a visit;
  • To follow the progress of the move in person.