7 Fun and Amazing Places to Visit in Boston with Kids

Visit in Boston with Kids
Amazing Places to Visit in Boston with Kids

We’ve collected an assortment of our preferred activities that you can do with kids in Boston so you can easily find anything enjoyable to do.  You’ll find great ideas for people of all ages, as well as a selection of activities that are both indoors and outdoors appropriate for the Boston weather.


After 20+ years of raising children here and writing about it, we’ve got a pretty good handle on the good stuff.  Many of these activities and locations are free or low-cost, and if you’re going to a Boston museum on a wet day. You can generally get discount passes at your local library.

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Amazing Places to Visit in Boston with Kids:

  1. Boston Museum of Science

Anytime is a good time to visit Boston’s magnificent museums. The Boston Museum of Science’s displays will captivate both parents and children. If you live nearby, a membership is worth the money. Because it includes two hours of free parking per visit and visitor permits.

And tickets to IMAX movies and planetarium shows. The melodic stairway, Sound stair, is a fun place for kids to burn off some energy. As is the interactive playground at Science in the Park. Here they can learn about momentum, mechanical advantage, and harmonic motion. Learn about harmonic motion, momentum, and mechanical movement. Get on a swing and see how long it takes to travel back and forth.

  1. Boston Children’s Museum

For the younger set, the Boston Children’s Museum offers a variety of fascinating activities and explorations. It is currently operated by the local favorite snack shack, Sullivan’s.  Our visual tour of the Boston Children’s Gallery will help you understand what you can anticipate throughout the course of your stay.

Young children will like the bubble room and exploring Peep’s World, which is filled with river-like water tables. Check the schedule to see if you can catch one of the exciting, interactive plays at Kidstage.

  1. Martin’s Park & Playground

Martin’s Park, an outdoor playground devoted to the remembrance of Martin Richard, is barely a few steps away and was opened in the summer of 2019. Wooden seats, often carved from logs, make great resting spots for parents and caregivers.

A route snakes through the gardens, taking tourists up a slope and across a pedestrian bridge to enjoy views of the sea and skyline.  There are many other parks in and around Boston to explore; this is one of the newest. Children can play on swings, slides, and a model of a marooned ship. They can also enjoy a puppet show in a miniature amphitheater.

  1. New England Aquarium

More than 8,000 aquatic organisms may be seen in the aquarium’s colorful and instructive exhibits. Including the playful penguin pool, which houses three different species of over 80 penguins. They dive, swim, waddle, and frolic in the first-floor waters. The rockhoppers are for their punk-rock hairstyle of wild yellow feathers. Northern fur seals and California sea lions play behind the pier, while Atlantic harbor seals swim in front.

  1. Public Garden

Other unique Boston experiences include a ride on a swan boat amid the Public Garden and a calm 15-minute paddleboat excursion around the Boston Garden lagoon. They are the only boats of their sort in the world and were inspired by the opera Lohengrin.  The Boston Public Garden is a lovely area to walk, with broad walks, bronze sculptures, towering trees, and managed flora.

  1. Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Visit the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum to reenact historical events. Visitors interact with costumed actors during a town meeting on taxes without representations, and then they can board the ships and throw tea into the harbor in protest.

It all adds up to a terrific time for the whole family, with instructive and amusing experiences. Each interactive tour lasts around one hour and includes a guided experience throughout the ships and museum. Your 18th Century Host will guide you through a colonial town meeting, where you will play the role of a historic member, before boarding one of the ships to “dump the tea” into the port.  Visit here to know how to book Copa flight Booking?

  1. Historic Fort

Visit a historic fort (Fort Independence on Castle Island or Fort Warren on Georges Island). Castle Island is accessible by automobile and has a beautiful promenade (a 2.16-mile loop). Large grassy areas for running and playing, a playground, BBQ pits, ample parking, and a small beach area.

Carson Beach is down the road and offers more area to sprawl out on. Fort Warren is only accessible by water, so take the Boston Harbor Ferry out for a visit. Ferry rides last about 50 minutes, so it’s an excellent day excursion.  If you are courageous, you can take the “Lady in Black” tour and learn about Fort Warren’s iconic ghost.

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