8 must-have tools for Android app development

8 must-have tools for Android app development
8 must-have tools for Android app development

Operating systems are in a number. You just have to make sure you pick the right ones. Android app development is a process of thorough testing, processing, coding, creating, and designing. App tools shouldn’t be difficult to find when developing an Android app. The Android app development company is here to provide Android Studio, a toolkit that works for all your app-developing complications. With 75% of the global market for Android app operating systems, the number of Android users has increased in recent years. App developers have everything provided, from toolkits to every solution. Beginners and professionals consider toolkits in the process; this article is for you to make the right use of Android app development tools.

8 Must-Have Tools for Android App Development

Before developing an application, one must consider researching tools and how to scale up the app. Begin with stability and high-speed app performance before building an application with expectations of flawless app development. Ensure your audience has access to multiple platforms and customized features by investing in a custom mobile app development services.  This strategy creates a seamless user environment with coherent interaction and user experience. Select the tools that accelerate app performance and optimize app features. Here are some of the tools for Android app development:

  • Android Studio

An official toolkit for the integrated development environment (IDE) to develop Android applications. Android Studio is a reliable toolkit that works to provide tools like code editors and advanced app templates. The tools are provided for developers to create a seamless application with easy-to-use code templates that include a Software Development Kit (SDK) to proficiently debug, test, and operate applications. 


  • Visual editor 
  • Intelligence code editor
  • Code templates
  • Support Kotlin
  • Multiple device accessibility
  • Instant app run 
  • Firebase

A tool that boosts app performance and simplifies app development for Android, iOS, web, Unity, Flutter, etc. Firebase provides developers with tools and services to scale up applications and easily maintain them with a backend structure. Firebase monitors app performance with stability and provides accessibility to custom app development. This tool provides a platform for a custom Android app development company to easily develop and modify applications. 


    • Google Analytics
  • Realtime Database
  • Cloud Functions
  • App authentication
  • Cloud storage
  • Dynamic links
  • Performance monitoring 
  • React Native

An open-source platform built by Facebook to provide app developers with easily accessible tools. A JavaScript framework that allows developers to build applications with robust performance, an easy coding process, accelerating features, and app security assurance. The key to developing an app with React Native is following the coding JavaScript steps, utilizing UI components, styling the app with CSS styles for customization, applying navigation, testing, and debugging. 


  • Better architecture 
  • Cost-effective
  • Popular programming languages
  • Accelerated development
  • Hot reload
  • Simple user interface (UI)
  • Developers’ community
  • Code reusability 
  • Robust app performance 
  • Xamarin

To build a mobile application, Xamarin is your tool. Xamarin is a tool formed by Microsoft to help developers create applications with ease and simplicity. It is defined as an open-source platform adapted to mobile device-based applications like Android and iOS and web browsers like MacOS and Windows, etc. A single code-based tool that supports easy and faster development with a better management system and resolves technical issues. Xamarin has code reusability capability for developers and also allows developers to use Visual Studio and build applications in Xamarin. 


  • Cross-platform strategy with Android and iOS
  • Easy and faster development
  • Accessibility to wearable devices 
  • Code Reusability 
  • Single code-use
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Seamless integration
  • Flutter

Built and powered by Google, Flutter is a popular platform for building, developing, and designing applications with given frameworks and tools. Flutter uses a single code to create multiple applications and provides an operating system with systematic graphics. This framework has an impressive user interface (UI), which gives you all the reasons to utilize Flutter for app appearance, user engagement, and interface. Flutter apps can use the device’s native hardware to generate and provide a smooth and responsive user interface. 


  • Speedy app performance
  • Single code use
  • Customizable 
  • Templates and widgets
  • Plugin features 
  • Cross-platform development 
  • User interface design 
  • Unity

Unity is an exceptional option for app development. This tool gained popularity through game app developments. Providing cross-platform to various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc., and allowing developers as well as users to access a variety of games on different platforms and devices. Any tool that has the ability to create game applications can definitely smoothen and build your app with various features, user interaction, customer satisfaction, and remarkable designs. Unity provides a user interface (UI) and a wide set of features. Android applications can be easily developed with Unity.


  • Faster development
  • Robust app performance
  • The speedy app-loading process
  • Utilized on multiple devices
  • Optimize app performance
  • Inherit high-quality applications
  • Code support 
  • NativeScript

NativeScript allows developers to create native mobile apps for Android and iOS with JavaScript and CSS coding. A popular app development tool that offers unique features, provides accessibility to numerous industries like Walmart, IBM, and Microsoft, and creates flattering animations with responsive design and access to APIs. NativeScript has the potential to provide developers with certain features that accelerate app performance and simplify module management. Developers can perform easy coding tasks by utilizing NativeScript and deliver faster development.


  • Fast and responsive apps
  • Android APIs
  • Support JavaScript 
  • Cross-platform development
  • User interface (UI) design
  • Access to Native UI tools 
  • Provides CSS styles 
  • Code Reuse 
  • Kotlin

It is one of the most popular programming languages and is used as a tool in the app development industry and among the Android developers’ community. Kotlin strategizes the use of applications with its advanced app features and development process. You can write easy codes with the backing of Google and recommended coding languages, which makes the Android app development process even easier. The development tools, documentation, and Android libraries to create an application are provided for Kotlin users. Kotlin is considered to be the best programming language for Android app developers.


    • Easy to use
    • Less development costs
  • Java interactivity
  • Cross-platform development
  • Extension functions
  •  Modern app features
  • Concise code 
  • Open-source programming language 

In Conclusion

By utilizing these Android app development tools, you can prosper and achieve your goals with constant growth. App appearance, designing, coding, and platform strategy are highly beneficial and essential for the app development process. These Android development tools will help your app gain popularity, just like the tools. Android has gained fame in much less time, but with higher consistency, Android applications are consumed globally because of the quality of their apps, performances, and accessibility. Android app development allows developers to build, design, and test applications with the provided tools and frameworks that accelerate app quality and reduce development time. If you want your Android app to have all these qualities, these tools are the answers to all your problems. 

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