A Complete Buyer’s Guide for Siamese Cat Food

A Complete Buyer’s Guide for Siamese Cat Food

A Siamese Cat is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world as the gentle demeanour of the cat is loved by many people. The cat breed is also quite intelligent and active and plays with their owners. However, choosing the correct food for your Siamese cat is a very important and difficult thing for many people. 

The perfect diet for a Siamese cat should have all the nutrients that the cat needs for proper muscle development and adequate energy to power their active mind body but, there are many people who are not able to plan the perfect diet for their Siamese cat. The pet market is filled with various food products, however; choosing the correct food for your cat is very important and this is why in the article, we are going to tell you about the best food for Siamese cats

As a pet parent, this guide is going to be very helpful to you as you can know the best diet plan for your siamese cat for its proper growth and development. 

Exploring the Best Diet for Siamese Cats 

The traditional Siamese cats had cobby bodies but, after continuous breeding and developments, the current body of a Siamese cat is angular with elongated features which makes it completely different from a traditional Siamese cat. Because of the svelte build of a Siamese cat, it requires a diet high in animal protein, less fats and proper vitamins and minerals along with water. 

A Siamese cat diet should be properly planned by the cat owner to prevent overweighting in the cat and to support the complete development of the cat. 

What should be the correct protein intake of a Siamese cat?

Providing your Siamese cat with protein-rich meals is very important and there is a proper way to keep your cat in top condition. However, you also need to be careful about protein intake as you should not feed too much protein. 

Siamese cats are feline creatures which means that the current protein intake from them should come from meat with appropriate amino acids. If you are looking for the best cat food for indoor siamese then, you should know that your cat should consume five to six grams of protein per kilo of their body weight. We are providing you with a proper diet chart which will make it easier for you to understand the correct protein for your cat. 

Source Portion Size Protein (In grams)
Beef 100 grams 26
Chicken  100 grams 27
Turkey  100 grams 27
Pork  100 grams 27
Tuna  100 grams 26
Salmon  100 grams 20
Mackerel  100 grams 19
Crustacean  100 grams 19
Imitation Crab Meat 1 Stick  8

Now you need to understand that protein is the most important thing that you need to include in the Siamese cat food that you are feeding your cat. 

What is better – Dry or Wet Cat Food?

Another question that many pet parents have is whether dry food is better for a siamese cat or wet food is good. While Siamese cats can eat both dry and wet cat food, wet cat food is better for your cat. 

But, if you are thinking about the best dry food for Siamese cats then, you need to know that cat food can cause issues like dehydration, constipation, kidney issues and IBS in your cat. Apart from this, processed cat food is also high in carb values which can affect your cat. This is why you can choose to feed your cat a mixture of dry and wet cat food for a proper diet. It is very important to carefully plan the diet of your Siamese cat to ensure that your cat remains active and healthy.