Cheap CubeSat NanoSat in Small Satellite Industry by KSF Space Foundation


Source: Time Business News : KSF Space Foundation announced the world’s cheapest CubeSat (NanoSatellite) in the history of small satellite industry, the CubeSat model is designed to facilitate the creation of low-cost CubeSat-class satellites.  Reducing the cost of spacecraft development in this form factor allows spacecraft development efforts to be funded from teaching funds, instead of requiring faculty to seek research funds to conduct this activity. Using teaching funds (instead of research funds) facilitates greater student leadership and involvement, as it reduces the risk of mission failure to the responsible faculty member. Additionally, as teaching funds are generally recurring, this approach facilitates incorporation of the small satellite program in curriculum on a year-upon-year basis. 


The model is tested and ready to fly, easy to integrate and post integrate with any extra payload needed. The basic model comes with major CubeSat instruments, however, KSF Space Foundation is offering other advanced models depends on mission task and mission requests. 


Dr.Kayyali, Chairman of KSF Space Foundation mentioned “This model will allow universities and schools with a small budget to develop their space project easily, there is no need to secure funding” 


KSF Space Foundation was initially founded to enable cost-efficient access to LEO with zero-environmental impact flying solutions. The foundation offers access to near-space and LEO for research and scientific experiments in many fields, as Earth or Space Observation, biological testing, satellite positioning detection, earth magnetic field measurement, radio transmit, atmosphere science and technology experiment.


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