Communication in the Organization: A Team Lead’s Guide to Clarity

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Imagine, you are leading a content team and you have prepared a monthly report to check the performance of your team. Moreover, you must present the information to the manager to show how the content team works. Unfortunately, when you present the report in front of your team and manager. They give you confusing looks. It showed that there was a  miscommunication and your report needs to be able to clear the questions that are in the minds of your team and manager.

One of the main reasons is not all the team members and your manager are native to the English language. The solution to this problem is taking the assistance of professional document translation services so that everyone can understand what is mentioned in the report. 

Why does Broken Communication hinder success? 

Do you know that miscommunication in the organization results in lower productivity? Moreover, managers are not able to make rational decisions on time. According to a study by TINYpulse, 64% of employees consider poor communication a great hurdle in their success. Additionally, communication breakdowns result in a staggering annual loss of $47 billion in productivity, according to Voki. 

We are living in a digitalized world. Therefore, team leads and managers can use different digital communication tools like emails, audio and video content, instant messaging, chatbox, and voiceover to mitigate the communication barriers but how? If they provide information in the native language of the people. For instance, if they are using voiceover services then voiceover translation services can remove the miscommunication because they are communicating to the business stakeholders in the language they understand. 

Digital Communication Channels 

To run a successful business venture, uninterrupted business communication is imperative. Let’s look at some of the digital communication tools that can help team leads and managers mitigate communication barriers in organizations and foster an environment of collaboration. 


Voiceover is the hidden voice behind many of the digital experiences we observe every day. It is the narrator in explainer videos. Moreover, it is helpful in e-learning modules and it is the voice that brings product demos to life. 

But voiceover is more than just a pretty voice, it is a powerful tool that can help team leads and managers communicate messages more effectively and engage with internal and external audiences at a deeper level. Therefore, this tool can benefit them if they go for voiceover translation services. Research by Common Sense Advisory shows that 74% of businesses using voiceover translation report improved communication and collaboration. What a powerful tool it is! 


Emails can send your message over the world with just one click. It acts like a postman that sends papers, reminders, and even funny things between people who work together. Email helps team leads and managers stay connected and get things done, no matter if they are in our office or far away. Emails are accessible at any time, But for this, you must have a data connection. The best part is that you can check emails from smartphones as well. This shows that emails are accessible 24/7. In this fast-paced world, emails are the best source of business communication. With the help of emails, managers and team leads can instruct work to their subordinates. On a professional level, team leads and managers write emails in a formal tone. They have calendars to plan meetings and address books to find people’s information.

Video Messaging 

We all know that global businesses are not restricted to any country. Multinational companies have their subsidiaries working in different countries. When the country managers and team leads of any company need to connect with the employees working in different destinations. They don’t take long flights every day. They communicate with the team leads and managers through video messaging.  Through this, they came to know the productivity of these subsidiaries. It saves a lot of their time and money. Moreover, it builds a real connection of the CEO with the team leads and managers. 

The foremost benefit of video messaging is that it helps the team leads and managers to talk with their teams with transparency. Moreover, it promotes two-way communication. The subordinates and employees can also ask the team leads and managers questions about the tasks that are given to them. This also enhances their engagement. The engaged employee is more productive, isn’t it? 

Direct Messaging 

Some companies have special messaging apps just for their employees. You can send quick messages back and forth throughout the day, like an SMSala text message. These apps are great for:

  • Quick questions and updates: Do you need to ask about a deadline or share a document? Just send a message to a teammate.
  • Group chats: Working on a project together? Create a group chat to discuss ideas and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Faster decisions: No more waiting for email chains. Get things done quicker with real-time chat.

Team leads and managers can use direct messaging apps for instant communication. 

Wrapping Up 

Each digital communication tool has its pros and cons. Therefore, the team lead or managers should know when to use the appropriate tool for seamless organizational communication. Video messaging can be used for complex information whereas emails can work when you need to share non-sensitive information. Moreover, direct messaging is concerned, it is used for discussing confidential project details, brainstorming ideas in real time, and maintaining team communication. Additionally, voiceovers are beneficial for engaging the target audience in your reports or presentations.