Cubesat Launch Providers


CubeSats are small square-shaped satellites usually 10cm³ in size and weigh around 1kg. They are developed under standard dimensions (Units). You can produce a single CubeSat (1U) or in groups (2U or 3U). They were produced to reduce the cost of production than larger satellites. They can be developed in less time and require simple technology for development. They help students in completing their space missions and get experience.

CubeSats usually take the extra space on rockets to launch into space. They are enclosed in a container. A button on the container activates a spring that expels the CubeSat into space. 

The big space companies like NASA and SpaceX are CubeSat launch providers. They continuously release satellites and other space missions throughout the year. So, you can launch your CubeSat through them. 

However, the usual CubeSat launch cost is relatively high. KSF Space is a nonprofit organization concerned with offering inexpensive solutions to students and space research institutes. 

KSF Space has developed a novel suborbital rocket, Jupiter 1, in association with Kanas University Aerospace Department, US. They are going to launch this rocket soon into space. 

It is a recyclable rocket that offers an environmentally accountable space exploration. It was developed to provide cheap and suitable space for academic organizations like schools, colleges, and universities. Jupiter 1 has a speed of 2 to 6 times the speed of sound. It can reach the highest altitude of 30,000 Km. 

KSF offers cheap alternatives for students to help them complete their missions within a low budget. So, if you are looking for CubeSat launch providers, you can count on KSF’s Jupiter 1. 

Moreover, you can also contact them for basic hardware and flight tests to certify that your CubeSat qualifies for all those tests. KSF is not only a cheap CubeSat launch provider but also offers flight certifications from larger companies like SpaceX, NASA, and ESA. 


Also the KSF Space announced their cheapest cubesat kit, the cubesat kit by KSF Space Foundation was made to make the assembling and coding much easier than traditional way in building a cubesat, the cubesat kit by KSF Space Foundation is made and designed for beginners and schools or universities who are developing their 1st cubesat / nanosatellite mission, the module is ready to fly to sub-orbital flight and was tested in microgravity in many similar space missions. The cost of cubesat kit by KSF Space considered the world’s cheapest kit out there.