Customizing Oracle APEX themes


Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-code development platform that enables users to build web-based applications quickly and easily. One of the key features of APEX is its ability to customize the look and feel of applications using themes. A theme is a collection of templates and style sheets that define the layout and appearance of an application.

Out of the box, APEX comes with several pre-defined themes that users can choose from. However, these themes may not always meet the specific design requirements of an application. This is where customizing APEX themes comes in. Customizing an APEX theme allows users to tailor the look and feel of an application to meet their specific needs. Become an expert in oracle Apex with Oracle Apex Training.

In this article, we’ll explore how to customize Oracle APEX themes.

Step 1: Choose a Base Theme

The first step in customizing an APEX theme is to choose a base theme. A base theme is a pre-defined theme that will serve as the starting point for the custom theme. APEX comes with several base themes that users can choose from.

To choose a base theme, navigate to the Theme Roller in the APEX builder. The Theme Roller is a visual tool that allows users to customize APEX themes without writing code. Once in the Theme Roller, select the Base Theme drop-down and choose the desired base theme.

Step 2: Customize Theme Styles

Once a base theme has been selected, the next step is to customize the theme styles. Theme styles are the visual elements that define the appearance of an APEX application. Examples of theme styles include font types, font sizes, colors, and backgrounds.

In the Theme Roller, users can customize theme styles by selecting the appropriate tab. For example, to customize font styles, select the Font tab. From here, users can customize font types, sizes, and colors.

To customize colors, select the Colors tab. From here, users can customize the colors of various elements such as the header, body, and footer.

Step 3: Customize Theme Templates

In addition to customizing theme styles, users can also customize theme templates. Theme templates are the HTML templates that define the layout of an APEX application. Examples of theme templates include page templates, region templates, and item templates.

To customize theme templates, navigate to the Template tab in the Theme Roller. From here, users can select the desired template and customize its HTML code.

Step 4: Preview and Publish the Theme

After customizing the theme styles and templates, it’s important to preview the theme to ensure that it meets the design requirements of the application. To preview the theme, select the Preview tab in the Theme Roller.

Once the theme has been previewed and any necessary changes have been made, it’s time to publish the theme. To publish the theme, navigate to the Export tab in the Theme Roller. From here, users can export the custom theme as a file, which can then be imported into other APEX applications.


Customizing Oracle APEX themes is a powerful tool for tailoring the look and feel of an application to meet specific design requirements. By choosing a base theme, customizing theme styles and templates, previewing the theme, and publishing the theme, users can create custom themes that enhance the user experience of an APEX application.

While the Theme Roller provides a visual tool for customizing themes without writing code, users with more advanced skills can also customize themes using CSS and JavaScript. The APEX documentation provides detailed information on how to customize themes using these methods.