Guidelines I Learned in Choosing Topics for Economics Essays


Before I entered the university to take up a bachelor’s degree in business management,Guest PostingI studied about my degree programme and I learned that it involved some courses or studies that are related to my degree and those courses included various writing tasks such as coursework, assignments and projects, essay writing, and reports. So when I began my university studies as a first year student, I researched, read and studied materials and other resources in the library and from the Internet on how to be effective and efficient in the academic writing tasks that I would research and write about especially the economie essay we would perform.

In addition, my degree programme would included essay writing tasks for the courses related to business management such as writing a finance essay, , marketing essay, public relations essay, business administration essay, and other essay writing tasks related to business management. So besides the research, reading and studying I did for my writing tasks on economics essays,  I also did the same thing for the other essay writing tasks on various subjects that we do now and as I go on with my studies. From the research and reading that I did, I analysed all the information and materials that I collected and made my own written guide on essay writing that is based on the information and materials that I believed are relevant to use.

The first thing that a student such as me would do is to research and select effective and good topics for the economics essays if our lecturer gave us the option of choosing our own topics. When I read about economics from the encyclopedias and reference books in our university library, the subject of economics was arranged in a topical outline according to several categories or sections for coherent flow of reading for the readers. So I decided that this arrangement would be the basis for choosing the topics of my writing tasks for essays on economics.

The topical outline included the main branches of economics consisting of microeconomics and macroeconomics, the sub-disciplines in economics, the history of economics, the economie methodologies, the types of economic systems, and the general concepts in economics. I learned that each part or section in the topical outline would be further broken down into several fields and sub-fields, and topic and sub-topics, and so on until I could choose a specific topic for my essay.

Breaking it down further into the smallest specific topic is an easy way of choosing a topic because it would simplify the process of researching, writing and discussing the topic. It would be easier to analyse and collect only the information that I need and focus my essay on specific ideas or themes and not use vague or general ideas.