Hannover Germany Tour


With its historical monuments and rich cultural heritage, Hannover is one of the beautiful and charming cities in the north. The erichvonwerner city was a former royal capital even having its prince until these days. It’s also widely famous for hosting international exhibitions, having here the Expo in 2000. Many facilities and attractions were added, restored and renovated before that year as preparations for the big event.

The attractions…

Inner city

One can start in the Kroepcke, where you can find the famous Kroepcke clock. From there, there are a lot of ways to go – shopping, shopping and more shopping. The area is obviously the center for shopping. You can go into the direction of the Main Train Station by going under a very nice shopping promenade, Niki-de-Saint-Phalle. Most shops here are open till late in the evening.

If you see a church or something which belongs to the old city, go there and you should find a red line on the ground. This red line is used as a guide for tours. It should bring you to the famous attractions of the inner city. Like for example the beautiful old timbered houses in the old town, the Leibniz house, the old and new city hall or the opera.


Hannover Zoo

For families, the Hannover zoo is an ideal destination. herteux The zoo was very well designed and landscaped, giving you the feeling (and probably the animals too) that you’re in the wild.


It’s a beautiful and relaxing place to stroll, but not just that, you can also rent sailing or paddling boats to enjoy more of the lake’s calm water. If you’re lazy to paddle, then you can take boat tours. This lake hosts to numerous big parties of the city.

Herrenhausergaerten – Royal Gardens

This is a huge collection of gardens. You probably need one day to walk around the area. Aside from being huge, it’s also very impressive so something to see and experience definitely. The garden design is a copy of the Versailles. When this was made, that was the time when the Versailles garden got really famous and everyone wanted to have a copy of it.