How Can You Check PNR Status using RaiMitra


Going on a train journey in India brings the excitement of discovery but also requires careful planning. To ensure a smooth and stress-free journey, one of the most important tasks is to verify your PNR status. Do you know how to check PNR status?  Thanks to RailMitra’s user-friendly platform, passengers can easily check their PNR status and also enjoy the convenience of ordering food on train train from the train dispatcher food app. Checking PNR status is very important when travelling by train. RailMitra has simplified this process with its user-friendly platform, allowing passengers to easily check their PNR status. Moreover, RailMitra enhances the travel experience by providing a train app so that passengers can enjoy delicious food while travelling. Let’s see how RailMitra meets the needs of convenience and quality food. 


Check PNR status easily

With RailMitra, knowing your current PNR status is now easier than ever. Passengers can check their PNR status by visiting the RailMitra website or using their mobile devices. By entering a unique PNR number, passengers can access up-to-date information about their tickets and plan their travels accordingly.Passengers can visit the RailMitra website or use the mobile app to get instant updates on PNR status. By entering the unique PNR number, passengers can instantly find out the status of their tickets, allowing them to plan their travels well.

Convenience of train food delivery app

No journey is complete without a delicious meal and RailMitra ensures that passengers are well fed through its integrated train transport app. Travellers can explore various dining options through the app and order accordingly. From regional specialties to regional delicacies, RailMitra’s partnership with train food delivery app ensures that passengers can enjoy their favourite meals on the go. Travellers can explore a variety of dining options and place hassle-free orders through the app. Whether you’re looking for a healthy breakfast, a healthy lunch or snack, RailMitra’s integration with the food on train or  train’s food delivery apps allows passengers to enjoy delicious meals while walking.

Ease of travel

RailMitra facilitated the travel of passengers with PNR control and train food delivery app. RailMitra offers a single solution for ticket checking and food ordering, eliminating the need for passengers to transfer between multiple platforms or worry about food on train during travel. Instead, passengers can focus on enjoying the journey while RailMitra takes care of the transportation.RailMitra offers a single solution for ticket checking and food ordering, eliminating the inconvenience of travelling between multiple platforms or the worry of preparing food during travel. Instead, passengers can focus on enjoying the journey while RailMitra takes care of the transportation.

Customer Oriented

Customer satisfaction is extremely important at RailMitra. The platform’s commitment to service excellence is evident in all its offerings. Be it timely updating of PNR status or ensuring health by using train food delivery app  for food distribution, RailMitra puts the needs and interests of its passengers first to ensure comfort and enjoyment for all. RailMitra prioritises the needs and preferences of passengers, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey for all.

In conclusion, RailMitra has transformed train travel by providing a perfect blend of convenience and comfort. RailMitra offers a wide range of services, including PNR checking and food ordering, through train delivery applications so that passengers can start their journey with peace of mind and delicious food. So, next time you plan a train journey, make RailMitra your trusted partner, ensuring it is memorable and enjoyable from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions:Check PNR Status using RailMitra:

Q. How can I check my PNR status using RailMitra?

Ans. You can easily check your PNR status by visiting the RailMitra website or using the RailMitra mobile application. Just enter your PNR number and RailMitra will get your ticket updated instantly.

Q. PNR status information is provided by RailMitra, right?

Ans. Yes, RailMitra ensures that the PNR status information displayed is accurate and up-to-date. The platform brings real-time data from Indian Railways to provide passengers with reliable information about their journey.

Q. Can I check PNR status of all types of train tickets using RailMitra?

Ans. RailMitra covers a wide range of train tickets, both booked and unreserved. Whether you have a regular ticket or a special class ticket, RailMitra makes it easy to check your PNR status.

Q. Is there a cost to check PNR using RailMitra?

Ans. No, RailMitra offers a free PNR status checking service. Passengers can use this feature on the RailMitra website or mobile app without paying any additional fee.

Q. How can I check PNR for my future journey using RailMitra?

Ans. Yes, RailMitra allows passengers to check PNR status for future journeys. Whether you plan your trip weeks or months in advance, RailMitra’s services ensure you receive timely updates on your tickets.

Q. Will RailMitra help if my PNR status changes or there is an issue with my PNR?

Ans. While RailMitra mainly focuses on providing information about PNR status, passengers can contact RailMitra customer support team for assistance regarding any ticket. Related issues like PNR change or ticket cancellation.

Q. How often is PNR status information updated in RailMitra?

Ans. RailMitra instantly updates PNR status information, ensuring passengers get the latest updates on their tickets. This system is constantly updated to give passengers peace of mind on their journey.

Q. Is RailMitra’s PNR inquiry service available 24/7?

Ans. Yes, RailMitra’s PNR query is available round the clock, allowing passengers to access important travel information at any time. RailMitra allows passengers to check their PNR status anytime, be it morning or night.