How Much Does It Cost Per Person To Go Bowling At Main Event?

Main Event

Are you considering a trip to Main Event Prices? Enjoy yourself to the fullest; you’re in for a wonderful time! If you’re looking for a place to kick back with friends and family and share some laughs and good eats, go no further than the entertainment center. So you should think about the cost of your bowling outing before you make any plans. How much does bowling at Main Event cost? Here is where we can be of service. We’ll go through the bowling packages available at Main Event and how much they cost.

Main Event Bowling Costs How Much

The cost varies for Main Event Coupons. In most situations, standard bowling lanes charge per game. Yet at Main Event, things don’t work like that. The price of bowling at Main Event is different; you must reserve lanes by the hour. You will pay a specific fee to get access to one or more lanes for one or more hours; the exact number of hours is up to you. You should budget between $25 and $40 per lane each hour on average. Then, there is a one-time charge of $4.25 for each adult and $3.25 for each kid for shoe rentals.

Since the price of bowling at Main Event changes depending on a few things, including:

The Day Of The Week

On a Saturday or Sunday, you may anticipate paying more per game than you would on a weekday. The most plausible explanation for this is that demand is greater on weekends since more individuals have a tendency to go out. On such days, Main Event’s Prices may charge extra.

The Time Of Day

Rates are also often higher in the evening or during prime time than they are during off-peak hours. A weekday afternoon game could cost more than an evening game, however.

Book Online To See Major Event Prices

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a day at the bowling alley, you can always receive a price estimate by reserving online at their official booking website. Just type the information below:

  • Where You Are (They Are Located In At Least 18 States)
  • Your Ideal Date
  • Number Of Adults
  • Number Of Kids
  • Amount Of Hours You’d Want To Hire The Lane For
  • How Many Lanes

The total cost of the bowling session will then be shown to you. If you’d like, you may also reserve your lane(s) right now. And if you want to ensure your position, we advise you to do so.

Regular Bowling Alleys

When compared to other bowling alleys, the prices at Main Event Prices are a little bit more expensive. Bowling often costs $5 or less each game or $15 to $20 per lane per hour, not counting the expense of renting bowling shoes. You might anticipate paying less at Main Event. Yet, if you take into account the fact that Main Event offers players a distinctive playing experience, you’ll probably decide that the cost is justified. Every bowler at Main Event has access to an exciting bowling experience that includes a striking ambience, surround sound, HD TV music videos, and lane-side food service.

Bowling Birthday Party Prices Vary

Did you know that Main Event Prices offers bowling birthday parties? This can be the ideal choice if you’re seeking for a special and enjoyable method to commemorate your child’s upcoming birthday. The greatest thing is that it can be had for as low as $11.99 per person, which is quite cheap.

When you schedule a birthday bowling party at Main Event Prices, you’ll receive:

  • A host of a bowling event
  • A secluded, furnished area for your party attendees
  • A customized experience created with the assistance of an event planner

Food At Main Event – Optional Add-On

While it’s not compulsory, you’ll probably want to buy food and beverages from Main Event Prices. After all, what good is a day at the bowling alley without snacks? The good news is that Main Event offers a wide variety of food and beverages, including starters, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads, desserts, and more. The Main Event venue you choose will determine the actual menu, however. They also offer a bar so that grownups may have a bit more fun.

Is Main Event a Reliable Bowling Alley

If you want a different and enjoyable bowling experience, Main Event Prices is a terrific choice. Granted, it costs a little more than a regular bowling alley, but you get so much more than just bowling. When it comes to Main Event, customer opinions are not entirely consistent. Although some reviewers give their experiences five stars and rave about them, others say that their experiences were less than ideal. Glad reviews remark that the food and service were outstanding and that their children’s bowling games are wonderful memories. On the other hand, several people had bad meals and bowling alley issues.

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Why Main Event’s Bowling Is Different

Main Event Prices is not your normal bowling alley. It is an entertainment facility that provides much more than simply bowling and also has a private sitting area. And that’s one of the reasons why their prices are a little higher. You may find the following things at Main Event:

  • A video arcade with HD displays
  • Mini Golf Gravity Ropes
  • Escape rooms
  • A laser tag field
  • Billiards
  • Rock climbing

Keep in mind that there are additional activities at Main Event’s that you must pay to participate in.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted

The majority of Main Event Prices sites accept major credit cards and cash. They could also take PayPal. Calling ahead to inquire about the establishment’s payment procedures is always a smart idea. There is nothing more frustrating than showing up at your neighborhood Main Event only to discover that your preferred mode of payment is not accepted. It just requires a phone call.

Alternatives To Main Event

There are other possibilities if Main Event’s Prices isn’t precisely what you’re searching for. Another well-known entertainment franchise is Dave & Busters, which has a full-service restaurant and bar as well as bowling (in certain locations). Moreover, Dave & Buster’s offers bowling at a little lower cost than Main Event. There, you’ll often pay $15 to $35 per lane, each hour. Thus, if you’re wanting to save costs, this is a possibility.