How to Draw A Heart Easily

Draw A Heart

How to Draw A Heart. The heart symbol is recognized worldwide as a symbol of love and understanding.

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The ancient Egyptians thought that the soul was the center of mortal emotions, and this continues to this day when people exchange hearts to show their love for one another.

While we all know the shape of the heart, drawing one can be harder than it looks!

This is your guide if you want to learn to draw one yourself.

We’ve created this step-by-step guide to drawing a heart in 7 easy steps to make drawing a heart easier than ever!

How to Draw A Heart

Step 1

For the first step in our how-to draw a heart guide, we’ll draw a shape that will help you structure your heart.

We will use a light pen for the next two steps, as these elements will not be included in the final drawing. First, draw a large oval.

Drawing a perfect oval can be tricky when doing it freehand, so you should use a drawing tool like a compass for this part.

A compass is a tool that makes drawing circle shapes much easier and will come in very handy for the next few shapes!

Step 2

For step 2 of this guide to drawing a heart, we’ll use a light pen again. With your pencil, you can draw two lines running down from the sides of your oval to meet.

When we start drawing the final lines later, these will form the top-of-your-heart design. Once you’ve seen the reference image, we’re good to go!

Step 3

For this step, we only have to draw a few pencil shapes. This is another step where a drawing compass would come in very handy!

We draw two circles, the outer edges of which rest against the edge of the oval and overlap in the middle.

It can get tricky to position the circles correctly, so don’t worry if you need a few tries!

With the circles drawn, we can start drawing the correct outlines of your heart.

Step 4

You can now start drawing the final outline! You can draw on the guide circles from the previous step with a darker pen or pencil.

This forms the top of the heart, and you can use the reference image to guide how it should look.

Once you’ve drawn these lines, you can start erasing the oval and circles. Using a pen, ensure the ink is dry before erasing it!

Step 5

You’re almost drawn your heart now, and in this fifth step of our how-to draw a heart guide, we’re going to draw at the bottom of the heart.

Following the lines you drew above the circles earlier, you can draw some slightly curved lines that meet at the top of the two guidelines you drew earlier.

With these details drawn, your heart outline is complete! The last thing you need to do before moving on to the next step is to erase the last of your pencil lines.

Step 6

Your heart outline is complete, and you can customize it a bit!

We drew a happy smiley face over our hearts for our example image, so you can mimic this look or have fun with your drawings!

Try funny facial expressions, add patterns, or draw other pictures. What would you like to draw in this heart?

Step 7

Your heart drawing already looks great, but there’s one more step to make it even better!

This last step is the most fun since we’ll add color to your design.

We showed how to color it with our picture, but this is a step where you should amaze us with your creativity!

You can colorize your drawing in almost endless ways, and you should use all your favorite bright colors to fill them in.

You can also have fun experimenting with different artistic tools and mediums.

Some examples might be acrylic paints for lighter colors, watercolors for more muted colors, and crayons and pencils for more detailed coloring.

Your Heart Drawing is Finished!