How to search for car grade/manufacturing year/manufacturing factory I also tried using BMW Vin Decoder and Parts fan! Tsuttsu’s Miscellaneous Journal


Well, this time it seems that it has nothing to do with the “world of cameras” at first glance, but in reality it is surprisingly related .

Have you ever wanted to know the grade of a car , such as a rental car shop or your own car ?

You may not have that kind of experience, but cars have different equipment for each grade.

Let’s take advantage of the difference in equipment for car photography! That’s the strategy .

In this article, I introduced tips for taking pictures.

This time, we will introduce how to know the grade , year of manufacture , manufacturing location , body color name, various specifications , etc. of the car!

Update Information
September 2020: Added Toyota factory code.
October 2020: Added Nissan factory code.
November 2020: Added color code.
January 2021: I asked BMW to tell me how to search for grades over the phone, and added it.

March 2021: I tried to summarize the features of each service and make it easy to understand!

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  • Search by entering the vehicle identification number in the grade search site of each manufacturer (domestic car)
  • Search using model designation/classification number (both domestic and imported cars are supported, but some do not appear)
  • Use the vehicle identification number (Vin code) and use the BMW exclusive search site (BMW only)
  • Perform a detailed search on Parts Fan using the chassis number (success rate is higher for slightly older domestic cars)
This is the kind of article! Please refer to the table of contents below for more information!

I also summarized the grades of rental cars, tips when using them, and points to note, so please take a look at this as well!

I also took a video as part of the article ♪ Please take a look if you like!
The opening and closing video of the LC500 convertible has been played more than 13,000 times, which makes me happy lol

Grade search method ① Use the body number

As for where the chassis number is located…

It’s the fastest to see the car inspection certificate !

① Know the chassis number

In addition to the vehicle inspection certificate, it is also written on a place called a caution plate .

If it’s Toyota, it’s a plate like this in the place where the passenger door is opened .

The place where this plate is installed differs depending on the car, so if you think there is no

Car name Caution plate position

Search for it and you will find it! (Click to search Google in a new tab)

Things in the engine room like this,

There are various things such as the lower part of the driver’s door.

② Enter the vehicle body number on the grade search screen

Once you know the chassis number, open the grade search screen .

Since the page is different for each manufacturer, here is a link to the domestic car grade search screen !

This is the official website of Mitsubishi Motors. We will guide you about frequently asked questions and grade information search.

Here, let’s search for the grade of the Lexus HS, the rental car we rented last time!

First, check the vehicle identification number from the caution plate or vehicle inspection certificate.

Enter the vehicle identification number according to the instructions on the input screen.


came out!

Now we know the grade. Even though it is a rental car, I am surprised at the high grade.

Try it with another company.

For Toyota and Daihatsu, only the grade name comes out, but for Nissan and Mazda, we know the mounting options, and for Honda, we know the year of manufacture and price !

Nissan may come out with more than one information, but let’s judge your car by comparing the release date and the first year registration year of the vehicle inspection certificate .

You can find out which options are not standard equipment! It’s interesting to know the price and production date!

  • First of all, check the vehicle number on the vehicle inspection certificate and caution plate!
  • When you enter the body number on the grade search page, the result will appear!
  • If it does not appear in the search results, try the method described later!

However, there are some cases, such as old cars, that cannot be graded using this method.

In that case, use this.

Grade search method ② Use model designation/classification number

The model designation/classification division number will be the number written on the vehicle inspection certificate .

After that, search for grade-specific equipment and judge by yourself.

If you know only one side of the vehicle inspection certificate and you know this number, you can search for grades!

I don’t know which car manufacturer it is, but as long as I have this number,