IFGICT partnering with ITU Cyber Security Standard


IFGICT will be adapting ITU – ICT (Information and Communications Technology) standards for professions and international standards to ensure cyber security. 

The IFGICT (International Federation of Global & Green Information Communication Technology) and ITU  (International Telecommunication Union) Cyber Security standard aims to ensure the security of all information technology systems, including communication networks, artificial intelligence (AI), emerging technologies, and information processing systems. It focuses on the implementation of best practices at all levels in order to ensure current technology is safe for the environment, economical, and sustainable. The standard is intended to be implemented by governments, businesses, and other organizations worldwide.

Environmental efficiency for artificial intelligence technology and other emerging technologies is still a work in progress. Technology is advancing quickly, and the amount of waste that is being produced by this type of technology is also growing exponentially. With the world’s population growing at an alarming rate, there is a need for efficient ways to deal with the environmental waste that is created by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence.

IFGICT and ITU collaborate on environmental efficiency for AI and other new technologies. It involves study group committee members (ITU- T Study Group AI4EE & IFGICT A.I. committee members) in identifying the standardization needs to develop a sustainable approach to AI standards, which includes augmented reality, automation, virtual reality, smart manufacturing, extended reality, industry 5.0, nanotechnology, cloud/edge computing, 5G, and much more. The group also develops technical reports and specifications to provide solutions to the environmental efficiency, water and energy consumption of emerging technologies.

Furthermore, the focus of the group is to share knowledge, best practices, and lessons learned in the field, especially for stakeholders like policy makers, researchers, engineers,​ practitioners, entrepreneurs, representatives of vertical industries, regulators, international organizations, service providers, platform providers, network operators, industry forums, and more. Nowadays, more and more new technologies are integrated into various aspects of our society and daily life. It is imperative to develop international standards and metrics that will support the sustainable implementation of AI standards and other new technologies. Therefore, international standards and guidelines for measuring the environmental efficiency and performance of emerging technologies need to be developed.

IFGICT and ITU collaboration will identify standardization gaps related to the environmental performance of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and other new emerging technologies. In this way, standardization will be provided to stakeholders and implemented in all sectors. For more information, please visit https://ifgict.org and https://www.itu.int/.