Key Considerations to Choose the Best Companies to Work: Taggd’s Insights into Creating Ideal Workplaces


Selecting the right company to work for is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your career and overall job satisfaction. With a plethora of options available in today’s job market, it’s essential to carefully evaluate potential employers to ensure a harmonious fit between your professional goals and the company’s values and culture. Taggd is surveying to make the list of the best companies to work for 2024, and for the survey, Taggd is gathering information about the company from their employees. The experts at Taggd opine employees should look for the below-mentioned considerations to find the best companies. 

Employee Satisfaction

Recognizing the ever-evolving corporate landscape, Taggd acknowledges that the macro phenomenon of job-hopping has indeed concluded its course. Presently, employees are recognizing and acknowledging their overall growth may not benefit from frequent job changes. In 2023; once overlooked – job stability and security have ascended to prominence as firm evaluation factors paramount: this is an era marked by significant shifts in prioritization. Now, the absence of job stability and security holds a position within the top five causes of attrition among Indian employees.

Company Culture

In traditional evaluations of firms and job selections, the weight of the pay cheque significantly determined decisions. Yet, Taggd recognizes that modern employees are primarily motivated to participate in work that boosts their learning curve and advances overall professional growth. Although a 20% weightage is still allotted for compensation considerations – Taggd acknowledges that flexibility in choosing work assignments bears greater importance with an assigned value of 30%; moreover, internal career development opportunities within the company command substantial attention at 25%. 

Track Record: The Distinguishing Factor

Taggd comprehends the best companies distinguish themselves through their capacity to offer growth and learning opportunities. Companies that provide plentiful growth prospects, meticulously curated learning programs–and robust upskilling support not only experience heightened employee engagement but also increased job satisfaction; furthermore, they witness an improvement in retention rates.

Work-Life Balance: A Non-negotiable Imperative

Taggd recognizes that companies must not overlook the necessity of implementing work-life balance measures. Its understanding extends beyond merely preventing office hours’ spillover into personal time; it underscores–with emphasis on employee wellness–the significance of creating an environment conducive to holistic health and well-being. A 2023 Gartner report reveals that eighty-two per cent (82%)—a significant majority—of employees desire individual recognition over being perceived solely as workers; startlingly, however, this sentiment aligns with reality for only forty-five per cent (45%). HR leaders must prioritize the establishment of a positive office environment that fosters diversity, inclusion, innovation and productivity.

Career Development Opportunities: Adapting to Changing Realities

Taggd acknowledges India Inc.’s recent recognition of the effectiveness of unconventional work arrangements, like work-from-home or hybrid models. Though these methods have become commonplace, it remains critical for companies to gear up for employee engagement using strategies that previously lacked popularity. Employees across various industries such as media, entertainment and hospitality now actively engage in moonlighting—signifying a notable shift within the job landscape. Individuals possessing diverse skill sets might opt for a dual vocational pursuit to enhance their income. Business leaders, in light of companies setting ambitious growth targets, bear the responsibility of maintaining workforce contentment and motivation. With an acute comprehension of evolving dynamics at play, Taggd perseveres in its commitment towards fostering employee satisfaction along with a conducive workplace culture. 

Companies, such as Taggd, can harness these insights to align their policies with the ever-evolving aspirations of employees. This strategic use ensures a workplace that is both fulfilling and conducive – an environment that truly distinguishes them in our competitive job market. 

Rankings by Sector in 2023: Exemplifying Excellence

  • Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mercedes-Benz India and Toyota Kirloskar Motor—industry leaders in the Automotive Sector—have distinguished themselves; they stand out for their exemplary practices and contributions to the automotive landscape.
  • The top performers in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) Sector define themselves with stability and a focus on customer-centric financial services. ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and Axis Bank – emerging as pillars within this sector – excel in providing these services.
  • Technological innovation commands the spotlight in the IT/ITES (Information Technology/ Information Technology Enabled Services) sector. TCS (Taggd), Accenture India, Infosys and Wipro; these industry leaders carve a path of commitment towards advancing technology’s frontiers.
  • Tata Steel, SKF India, Larsen & Toubro, and ABB India—these are the companies that set benchmarks in the Manufacturing Sector; they excel with precision and efficiency. Indeed, their respective domains bear significant contributions to the overall landscape of manufacturing.
  • In the consulting sector, Deloitte India leads with a provision of unparalleled advisory services. Their expertise and strategic insights distinguish them as an exceptional choice for companies that aspire to top-notch consulting solutions.
  • Abbott India and Apollo Health & Lifestyle, shining in the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Sector, demonstrate an unwavering commitment to their employees’ well-being. The companies prioritize their workforce’s health and wellness; they set a commendable example within this sector. 
  • Bosch, Siemens, Cummins India and Schneider Electric India – all leading companies in the Engineering Sector – actively shape the engineering landscape; they contribute significantly to technological advancements and innovation. 
  • In the realm of the moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Sector, three companies—Hindustan Unilever, Nestle, and Colgate Palmolive India—shine due to their superior quality consumer products; they embody excellence and ensure customer satisfaction within this burgeoning industry. 
  • Flipkart, PayPal, Nykaa, and Philips India–in the Internet Business Sector–showcase their digital prowess and innovation. Leveraging technology to provide cutting-edge solutions; these companies contribute not only to but catalyse the evolution of our digital landscape, a testament indeed to graduate-level innovation. 
  • Marks & Spencer Reliance India, Walmart, Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail, along with Reliance Retail – titans of the retail sector – cater to diverse consumer needs. Understanding the dynamics inherent in this industry; they strategically offer an extensive range of products and services, a shrewd move to meet ever-evolving consumer demands. 
  • Giants such as Google India, Amazon India, and Microsoft dominate the Technology Sector; they spearhead technological innovation–shaping the future of their industry through groundbreaking solutions. 
  • Tata Communications, Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio Infocomm, and Vodafone—leading companies in the Telecommunications Sector—seamlessly connect our nation. These key players provide essential communication services; their role is critical to modern society’s functioning.


Taggd is conducting the best companies to work for survey 2024 so that, people can make an informed decision that contributes to a fulfilling and rewarding career. Remember, the right company is not just a workplace but a place where you can thrive and grow both personally and professionally. As companies – including Taggd itself – evolve continually; understanding and adapting to changing dynamics in employee expectations are key factors in creating a workplace culture that not only attracts top talent but also thrives within the contemporary job landscape: this is indeed paramount.