KSF Space Foundation Release Its New Version of Cheap CubeSat Kit


KSF Space Foundation is a nonprofit organization, and its objectives are to support small satellite missions. It particularly focuses on offering inexpensive equipment for academic and research institutes to carry out their projects. Unfortunately, space missions are usually costly, and it’s difficult for an average school or college to accomplish them. Due to this, the students having the passion of walking through the space are discouraged. 

Thus, KSF has recently launched the latest version of the CubeSat kit. This CubeSat board system is launched keeping in view the aim of the organization. You can consider this initiative to enhance its education outreach as KSF is leading the small satellite industry and advocating the universities in accomplishing their space missions. 

Properties of the CubeSat Kits

  • Affordability 

Numerous universities and educations institutes in developing countries can easily afford it. Moreover, universities and research institutes can easily purchase it with their usual lab budget. Therefore, they don’t need to raise funds or collect donations to buy these CubeSat kits. 

  • Light Weight and Low Power 

The major aims considered while designing these CubeSats kits were lightweight and cost-efficient because small-sized CubeSat boards need less power to operate. Thus, these CubeSats are considered the most inexpensive CubeSats in the world. Further, these qualities make it a perfect choice for research and education outreach in the small satellite industry.

Additionally, the KSF Space Foundation chairman, Dr. Kayyali, has said that “This model is the cheapest, and schools and universities aren’t required to get donations for this project. They can easily procure it with their usual budget of space projects.” 

  • IFGICT Verification 

These new boards have been produced and designed to fit in any CubeSat. They have been verified and qualified by IFGICT, which is a global federation. These boards can be deployed in CubeSats in space for around 250km altitude. 

  • Easy Integration 

The CubeSat kit has been verified and is ready to use. Moreover, it can be integrated easily. Therefore, the institutes can integrate and configure these kits into their small satellites without a technician. 

  • KSF Space Foundation’s Special Offer for Institutes Buying CubeSat

The main CubeSat instruments are present in the basic model. But KSF provides other advanced models as featured in Time Business News that can be used in different missions. 

Moreover, KSF Space Foundation has also offered educations institutes to register three students for its Nanosatellite Engineering Professional Certification (NEP Certificate) without any cost after procuring the CubeSat kit. 

Final Words 

KSF Space Foundation has launched its new version of a cube sat satellite which is cheap and easy to integrate. This model has been specially designed for educational institutes to reduce the cost. The CubeSat has a lighter weight and needs less power for its operation. Therefore, every institute can easily purchase it with their normal space project budgets, and they don’t need separate funds. It further offers free registration of three students for NEP certificates when the institute buys the CubeSat kits, which is a plus point.