New AWS Tools You Should Learn About in 2024

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AWS is the world’s most popular cloud computing platform that offers more than 200 robust and comprehensive offering. In addition, it is a continuously growing platform that provides new features, enhancements, and services weekly. AWS services ranges from basic storage and compute to advanced services like streaming media, robotics, and even quantum computing. Many institutes provide AWS Training And Certification In Bangalore and one can enroll in them to start a career in this domain.

New Tools of AWS

AWS offers numerous kinds of tools that allow developers and other IT professionals to rapidly and safely deliver software. In addition, these tools are secure and easy to use and they provide a diverse array of functions. Along with this, they are flexible and much more affordable in comparison to other software tools available. Enrolling in the Aws Course In Bangalore will surely help you learn these new tools.

Here are some recently introduced tools in AWS along with their uses.

  • Amazon Bedrock for Generative AI- This new tool from Amazon is useful for building and scaling generative AI applications. The Amazon Bedrock tool provides customers with great ways to build and scale enterprise-ready generative AI applications. In addition, it is a fully managed service that allows users to choose from a wide range of foundational models (FMs) to find the best model for individual use cases.
  • AWS Supply Chain Increases Supply Chain Resilience- This tool helps supply chain leaders mitigate the risks and increase the overall supply chain resilience. Along with this, it provides machine learning capabilities and actionable insights that help users increase customer service levels. Furthermore, it provides a real-time visual map feature along with inventory rebalancing recommendations.
  • Amazon Aurora I/O Optimized Configuration- This tool is useful for stripping out the I/O costs and improving the price performance. Along with this, it helps in protecting the pricing for customers with I/O-intensive applications. This tool takes zero charges for reading and writing the I/O operations. Along with this, you can choose anything between two configurations which are Aurora Standard or Aurora I/O-Optimized.
  • Amazon Security Lake- The Amazon security lake is useful for centralizing the security data from AWS environments. In addition, it provides open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) support and combines security data from AWS. Along with this, this tool is also capable of automating the collection of security-related log and event data. It further allows users to manage the life cycle of data with customizable retention.
  • AWS DMS Serverless- It offers automatic sets and is capable of scaling and managing the migration resources. In addition, it reduces the chances of guesswork and facilitates handling the operational burden. Customers also use it for migrating databases and building modern data strategies. Furthermore, it facilitates capacity provisioning, scaling and capacity optimization of migrations.
  • Unified Amazon Code Catalyst- This tool facilitates unified software development and delivery service and it allows the development teams to quickly plan, develop, build and deliver applications. Along with this, it allows developers to launch new products in minutes using blueprints. It also helps in defining the continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.


AWS is a cloud computing platform that is always expanding, releasing new features, upgrades, and services on a weekly basis. These tools also offer a wide range of functions and are safe and simple to use. In addition, they are far more economical and versatile than other software products on the market. There are a handful of new AWS available you should know about in 2024. In conclusion, above are some highly popular and recently introduces AWS tools you can explore.