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Do you want to progress in the race for online earning in Pakistan? The year 2024 and the forthcoming era are something beyond the physical toil and struggle. You can fulfill all your needs while sitting in your comfort just to have a particular skill and knowledge about any online earning app in Pakistan.

The world is changing into a digital landscape where you will need to excel in digital skills that can help you earn online and meet your financial needs. Notably, working online is more productive and efficient as compared to working physically. There are approximately 2.37 million individuals are using online earning apps in Pakistan. However, not only in Pakistan, but the need for online earning is growing globally.

But, the most essential part of online earning is that one must have some skills for example Digital Marketing, Website Designing, Graphic designing, SEO, Forex trading, Content writing, etc. to grab the attention of employers from across the globe through online platforms. However, some of these skills are very easy and simple to learn for example data entry and assignment copying from softcopies to hardcopies.

In the blog, we will explore the top online earning apps in Pakistan. Also, you can learn about what skills you will need to master while becoming part of earning without investment.

List of Top 10 Online Earning Apps in Pakistan

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1. Fiverr

fiverr - Online earning apps in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Fiver is an online earning app in Pakistan that allows millions of individuals to make money online and support their finances. The Fiver app was launched in 2010 and now has become one of the world’s largest marketplaces for selling and buying digital services. The digital platforms have spread over 180 countries facilitating freelancers to earn through the best earning app.

How to earn through Fiver?

You can easily earn through the platform by creating a gig according to your skills and services. Here is the list of categories from which you can choose.

  • Graphics Designing
  • Writing and Translation
  • Video Editing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video Animation
  • Music and Audio
  • Programming
  • Data Entry

These are the categories that are further divided into skills including Logo Design, App Design, UX Design, SEO Writing, Proofreading and editing, Translation, Animated GIFs, Voiceover, CRM Management, Data Scraping, Website Development, etc. You can also provide your services to multinational companies in Pakistan on Fiver besides the global market.

After getting a project and completing it, the client will transfer the amount into your digital wallet. But, you cannot directly withdraw that amount. Therefore, you will need to connect Payoneer to your Fiver account for successfully withdrawing.

How to open a Fiver account?

The account on Fiver is free of cost. Simply, sign up using your email, and then fill in your profile data accordingly. After that, make a gig and start earning online.

2. Upwork

upwork - Online earning apps in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Upwork is another best earning app in Pakistan to promote online earning while providing your skills digitally. The online earning app was launched in 2015. Currently, there are approximately 5 million registered accounts on the Upwork. However, the platform is for both, sellers and buyers, but you can use it to earn a handsome amount as a seller while providing various services based on your particular skills.

How to earn from Upwork?

Unlike Fiver, you have to send proposals against the projects posted on the platform instead of creating a gig. However, you will need to have Connects in your Upwork wallet to send a job proposal. The cost of each proposal depends upon the volume of the project. High projects cost a high number of connections while sending a proposal. You can get 10 Connects free of cost each month. But, if you want to get more connections, you will have to pay for it. Initially, you will get 50 connects at the time of account opening which makes it the best online earning app in Pakistan.

Besides, the services you can provide on Upwork are almost the same as on Fiver. However, the competition is a little tough comparatively. You have to optimize your job proposal to get positive feedback from the clients and companies. Upwork is also one of the best online earning websites in Pakistan.

How to open an Upwork account?

It is very easy to create your account on Upwork, a free online earning app in Pakistan.

  • Go to Upwork
  • Click on “Sign Up”
  • Sign up using your email
  • Add Information.
  • Add your Skills so clients can find you
  • Highlight your educational background
  • Highlight your past work experience
  • Add your language proficiency

3. Zareklamy

zareklamy - Online earning apps in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Are you getting bored while web browsing and using social media? Be happy, using your phone or laptop device can pay you back via Zareklamy, one of the real money-earning apps in Pakistan. Users can earn money while using the app by increasing engagement.

How to earn online from Zareklamy?

You easily earn from Zareklamy while having a device i.e. smartphone, laptop, PC, etc. There are various tasks to complete after which the users are entitled to earn. The more tasks you complete, the more money you get, and vice versa.  Moreover, you can also earn from Online Shopping Websites in Pakistan by promoting products and brands on your social media platforms.

Here are some of the task categories on Zareklamy:

  • Write comments and reviews to increase engagement and authenticity
  • Leave engagement on social media
  • Answer online surveys
  • Create accounts and subscribe to newsletters
  • Browse sites, videos, and advertising

Apart from these tasks, you can also earn from Zareklamy by referrals. Refer your friends using the app, when they start earning through the app, you will have a particular share as referral commission.

4. Clipclaps

clipclaps - Online earning apps in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Clipclaps is an earning app in Pakistan without investment. It allows users to watch different videos and complete quizzes based on the knowledge shared in the videos.  After that, the users are rewarded with coins. While using the app, you can earn and entertain at the same time.

How to earn from Clipclap?

The earning app offers its users various models of earning. Users can earn coins by completing tasks, and also by referrals. Then, these coins can be converted into dollars, and as a user, you can easily withdraw the amount directly to your wallet i.e. Easypaisa, Jazz Cash, etc. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is $10 to $15. One of the best features of the earning app is that it allows you to earn with 0 investment. Therefore, the app has become popular in Pakistan.

5. Daraz

daraz - Online earning apps in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Daraz is a popular e-commerce shop inducted in 2012. If you are searching for small business ideas in Pakistan, Daraz is the best option for you as it is Pakistan’s largest shopping mall where you have the option to open your shop and start selling your products.

How to earn from Daraz?

You can earn from Daraz in various ways. However, here are some of the means to earn from the real online earning app in Pakistan.

  • Become a seller, and open your store over Daraz.
  • Affiliate marketing to recommend others’ product products, and earn.
  • You can earn from Daraz by Dropshipping. In that case, you do not need to keep the stock with you. Buy products online, and sell them online.

Moreover, withdrawing money from Daraz is very easy and simple as compared to other earning apps. Simply, you can deal in Pakistani rupees, and get them in your local bank account or in cash.

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