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Original Source: Online Qurbani Websites in Pakistan

The advanced technology and digital revolution have significantly contributed to every field of life. Technology has facilitated users with everyday tasks. Be it generating income through online earning apps or shopping from your favorite brand, you can do anything from the comfort of your home. Online shopping is not limited to just clothing brands or footwear; you can even book your Qurbani online. Several online Qurbani websites are offering you premium services. As Eid ul Adha is expected on June 17, 2024, as 10-Dhu al-Hijjah-1445 the month in which Muslims perform the Hajj Rituals Muslims across the globe will be performing Qurbani commemorating the sunnah of Hazrat Ibrahim AS and Hazrat Ismail AS.

Therefore, for your convenience, we have listed online Qurbani Websites that will enable you to find the right Qurbani animal. If you want to book your Qurbani-share and that too hassle-free, stay till the end.

Top Online Qurbani Websites in Pakistan

Visiting these websites facilitates you to choose the Qurbani animal according to your choice and budget. However, you don’t have to go anywhere. You can perform the Qurbani while sitting at home, and get your meat-share at your doorstep. In the list of websites, we have also mentioned the price per share to make it easy for you to choose accordingly.

1. Metro Online

metro online - online qurbani websites in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Metro Online website facilitating users with online Qurbani in Pakistan. The website provides you with multiple options to choose from. The participants of Qurbani can choose from varieties available on the website including cow share, whole cow, and whole goat. These shared are provided at affordable prices.

Online Qurbani with Metro Qurbani services should be your priority due to its exceptional features. While opting for online Qurbani the first concern of the participants is to choose hygiene and safety. Metro as your online Qurbani Partner ensures the highest standards of hygiene and food safety. You don’t have to worry as you can get fresh meat which is kept in a 100% safe environment after Qurbani. Another feature which participants are looking for while doing online Qurbani is compliance with Islamic Sharia rules. Metro Online Qurbani services satisfy the participant about the process of Qurbani exactly according to the Sharia.

The Metro Online Offers the following Shares for Online Qurbani in Islamabad and other cities.

  • Cow Share: Price starts from 27,999 depending on the price of Qurbani animal
  • Whole Cow: Price starts from PKR 185,999
  • Whole Goat: Price starts from PKR 49,999

2. Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation - online qurbani websites in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Edhi Foundation is another from the list of online Qurbani websites in Pakistan facilitating Muslims with online Qurbani across the world. With the facility of the website, now you can perform Qurbani online while sitting in far corners of the world with just one click. Just book for a share in Cow or Whole Goat, and get your Qurbani done in online in the presence of experts and professionals. The foundation has extended its services not only in Pakistan but also to diverse regions of the world.

The Edhi Foundation is a welfare institution working for the betterment of orphans and needy people. So, instead of getting your meat-share, you can also donate it to the foundation which can be used for the best cause. You can visit the website and book online Qurbani while choosing from various Qurbani options including:

  • Full Cow: Price starts from 105,000
  • Cow Share: Price ranges from 15000 to 20000 depending on the price of the animal
  • Full Goat: Minimal price starts from 25000
  • Full Sheep: Minimal price starts from 35000

3. Akhuwat

Akhuwat - online qurbani websites in pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Akhuwat facilitates Muslims with online Qurbani through its website. It is a non-profit organization established in 2003. At the coming Eid ul Adha which is to be on June 17, 2024, the Akhuwat brings the convenience of online Qurbani for people. The organization facilitate Qurbani participant with online procedure to do their Qurbani. At the Akhuwat, the level of hygiene and food standards are kept high to ensure safety and health measurements. The meat after the Qurbani is distributed among shareholders equally. You can get your share at your provided address. Also, the meat is distributed among poor and deserving people.

Furthermore, the Akhuwat facilitate Qurbani participants with various options. If you want to do Qurbani online, you can choose from the available options i.e.

  • Whole Goat: Minimal price starts from 40000
  • Whole Cow: Minimal price starts from 145000
  • Share in Cow: price ranges from 25000 to 35000 depending on the price of the animal

4. Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan

Al Khidmat Foundation Pakistan is a reputed welfare organization working widely across the globe. The main aim of the organization is to provide financial help to needy and deserving people. In addition, it also work for the development of human standards by facilitating with schools, colleges, hospitals, and ambulance service. Furthermore, the foundation’s volunteers are always a step ahead in serving people in accidents and disasters.

Besides these facilities, the Al Khidmat Foundation facilitate Muslims with Online Qurbani through its website. You can do online qurbani booking for the whole cow, goat, sheep, or a share in Qurbani animal while visiting the official website. The foundation offers online Qurbani services every year which is a facility for people living in Pakistan and abroad. After Qurbani, the foundation requests the shareholders to donate their shares for the cause of Allah, however, they also deliver the shares on demand of participants in the Qurbani. You can choose from these options:

  • Cow (whole): Price starts from PKR 154000
  • Sheep (whole): Price starts from 60000
  • Goat (whole): Price starts from 51000
  • Cow (1 or multiple shares): Ranges from PKR 22000 to 30000 depending on the prices of the Qurbani animal.

5. Qurbani Express

Qurbani Express - Best online qurbani websites in Pakistan - ahgroup-pk

Qurbani Express is one of the top online Qurbani service providers and one of the best online Qurbani websites in Pakistan. It was established in 2013, since then it has been providing its customers with satisfied Qurbani services. The reasons for choosing Qurbani Express for you Online Qurbani is its hygiene, following food safety protocols and varieties of sacrificial animals including cows, sheep, goats, etc. according to your priorities and budget.

You can choose the platform for your online sacrifice. After the Qurbani, it will deliver the meat at your doorstep via various courier services in Pakistan. The best feature of the Qurbani Express is they raise their animals on their farms and then make it available for sacrifice at affordable prices. Furthermore, after selecting the animals for Qurbani, they are kept in extensive care and undergo various inspections. All the process of Qurbani is under the supervision of certified Islamic scholars according to the Islamic Sharia rules and regulations.

Currently, the Qurbani Express offers services for the sacrifice of animals:

  • Cow (share): Price ranges from PKR 20000 to 30000 depending on the prices of the Qurbani animal.
  • Whole Goat: Price starts from 40000
  • Whole Sheep: Price starts from 45000
  • Whole Cow: Price starts from 140000


Digital advancements have revolutionized our world facilitating us in everyday tasks like paying electricity bills online and Qurbani Animals are no exception. We have discussed various online Qurbani Websites. However, Qurbani is a religious duty and an adventure to visit fairs and participate in buying sacrificial animals. But, due to the busy schedule, if one barely gets time to be involved in the process of Qurbani rituals physically, they can do it online with the facilitation of several websites as we have highlighted in the blog. Furthermore, we also mentioned the prices of Qurbani animals and per share for your convenience. You can easily visit these websites and get register for an online Qurbani while choosing a whole animal or a share.