Plan to visit in Argentina


Planning to take a trip around Argentina but not getting the best guide for you? Well, here we are to provide you with the appropriate guide. You can travel to the best destinations in Argentina and do some fun activities after going through this guide. Argentina will not at all disappoint you. Here, you will get many things to do. From visiting the excellent cafes to exploring the natural habitats, this place has everything and anything that you want. Argentina will surely fulfil all your expectations. We have shared some of the best tips and tricks to plan a budget-friendly trip to Argentina

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  1. Choose Any Transport

  • You can take public buses to travel around the city of Argentina.
  • There are taxis available for you to the town.
  • You can take the trains to move around the city


  1. Travel in Off-seasons

  • The best time to fly to Argentina is between March to June.
  • You can also travel to the country from September to November.
  • At this time you will get cheap flights.
  • You can also save a lot more on your stay.
  • During this month’s hotel booking, prices also drop.
  1. Do Outdoor Activities

  • In most countries, outdoor activities are free, and so are in Argentines.
  • So, you can choose any of the outdoor activities to explore Argentina.
  • Try out the free hiking in this country.
  • You can also spend time wandering around the parks of Argentina.
  1. Use the Discount Cards 

  • You can save a lot more on your travel costs with the discount cards.
  • Use the Student and Teacher discount card.
  • You can also use the premium club cards to get additional discounts on your trip.
  1. Free Walking Tour

  • You will get many free walking tour options in Argentina.
  • Try to book the walking tours for you.
  • However, make sure to tip your travel guide at the end.
  • You can get free walking tours after connecting with a local guide there.


  1. Visit Wander Salta
  • It’s a small city located in Argentina.
  • You will find this city in the northwest region of the country.
  • You will get some of the best places to visit here.
  • This place is filled with museums and popular destinations.
  • Visit the Museo de Arquelogia de Alta Montana in this city.
  • Also, don’t miss to spend time with the colonial architecture here.
  • You can also enjoy the cable car rides here.
  1. Explore Valle de La Luna
  • It’s a unique place located in Argentina.
  • The best activity to do is to explore the Valle de la Luna.
  • The another name for this activity is Valley of the Moon.
  • The place will give you moon-like features.
  • This distinct place has also gained the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  1. Hike on Perito Moreno Glacier

  • It’s an impressive glacier to go for a hike on.
  • It is almost 15,000 feet, which is 4,570 meters wide.
  • You will get an epic experience after hiking on this glacier.
  • It is among one of the best places to take a trip in Argentina.
  1. Go for Whale Watching

  • In Argentina, a full-day whale tour costs $145.
  • It’s the most carried out activity in Argentina.
  • The best time for whale watching is between June to December.
  • Whale watching can be expensive for many, but it’s worth it.
  • You can see the humpback, sea orca, and the southern right whales here

These are best activities to conduct in an Argentina trip.


  1. The Sabatico Travellers Hostel

  • This accommodation facility is located in Buenos Aires.
  • You can try out this hostel option to stay in.
  1. The Antarctica Hostel

  • This is another budget-friendly option to stay in Argentina.
  • You can choose this hostel for a solo or group stay.
  1. Alto Andino Hotel

  • It’s the best place to stay in Argentina.
  • It is located in Ushuaia, Argentina.


Travellers can choose any of the options to save extra on the Argentina trip. So, start planning your trip with this guide soon and if you want to manage your flight on Aeromexico Airlines Go to Aeromexico Manage Flight Booking process.