Prior to the facts, Sousuke and you can Kou had been previous family relations and you will class mates for the junior high


Prior to the facts, Sousuke and you can Kou had been previous family relations and you will class mates for the junior high

• Amnesiac Mate• Battle Partners• Break Blush• Relationships Exactly what Father Detests – Mitsuba was a great supernatural if you are Kou try off a household away from exorcists.• Statement from Protection• Died in your Hands This evening – Kou stored Sousuke in his arms as he passed away after Tsukasa contaminated their rumor.• Very first Like – Having Mitsuba.• Forgotten Very first Conference – Kou did not remember Mitsuba to start with.• Members of the family so you can Lovers• Hair Examine Duo• Carrying Hands – Albeit they truly are dreadful within they often.• Insult regarding Endearment – Mitsuba Calls Kou a beneficial Hella-Lame, Traffic-Safety-Earring Boy.• Such a vintage Married Couple• Like At first glance• Maybe not a night out together – Whenever Kou requests metropolises commit, his nearest and dearest guess they are on a night out together, however, according to him it isn’t a romantic date.• Opposites Notice• Piggyback Sweet – Kou deal Mitsuba following second injures their feet.• 2nd Love – To have Kou.• Boat Tease• Star-Entered Lovers• One which Had Away – Sousuke so you’re able to Kou.• Tragic Bromance• Heartbreaking Souvenir – Sousuke’s cam and photos.• Tsundere• Vitriolic Greatest Buds• When he Smiles• You are Worthy of Hell – Kou nearly died getting with Mitsuba forever.


It were not close friends, per se, however, because of sitting inside title order, Sousuke seated before Kou. It did actually get on better and you may turned into relatives promptly. Sousuke finished up swinging classes, but not, and later passed away in a car accident while heading out so you’re able to pick potatoes for his mom’s birthday curry. Sousuke reappears due to the fact an enthusiastic apparition, even in the event his fresh look differs from compared to their middle school appearance. The guy roams the school entry, and you may has reached off to people the guy recalls inquiring whenever they remember your, even in the event the guy seems similar to a shape. Whenever Sousuke reaches off to Kou, Kou holds their hand and you can knocks your back into a good locker, sharing Sousuke’s real setting. Kou don’t accept your, however, he performed admit Sousuke’s secondary school consistent.

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Kou next reassures Sousuke you to definitely he’ll consider him because the a boy who had been “assertive, girly, self-centered, sarcastic, had an unsettling sound, obsessed with their cam, ran emo sometimes, and you can good faker” which he must be themselves making loved ones 1.4 Study Go camping 1.5 Loss 1.six The latest Yellow Domestic step 1.eight Night life step 1.8 Omen Cannon

At that time, Kou had constructed his mind to simply exorcise spirits that cause harm to anybody else, therefore he’d conserved Sousuke and you may chose to assist him score eliminate their regrets instead. Initial, both did not go along. Sousuke always lashed rude nicknames within Kou, their favorite are “Hella-lame-traffic-safety-earring boy” in which he’d make reference to Kou toward multiple occasions. However along with imagine Kou was trying to “do pervy things to him,” leading to Kou bringing named a great pervert often. In return, Kou envision Sousuke is actually rude and obnoxious, no matter if the guy helped Sousuke rid of his regrets anyway.

At first, Sousuke refused to address questions that Kou had, ultimately causing Kou threatening him to get solutions. At some point, Kou unearthed that discover a picture Sousuke wanted to simply take as he was alive, very Kou decides to assist him capture you to definitely image. That has been when Kou’s friend, Yokoo stops by the to express hello to Kou. Yokoo notices your camera Kou are carrying and said they belonged so you’re able to Sousuke, and gave some understanding to your which he had been. This assisted Kou think about Sousuke, in which he thought damaging to maybe not recognizing your in the beginning. Sousuke upcoming tells Kou “We reached over to someone who I imagined is actually my buddy, but nobody recognized me. simply, We appreciated all of them.” They began to rain, so the several made a decision to lead to the together, using steps to reach the top floors. Into stairs, Sousuke reveals that he was bullied in elementary to be also “girly” or “assertive,” thus he made a decision to build a special persona sexy Latin women within the middle school. He had been sweet to everyone, but no body noticed your. He wasn’t bullied, but he failed to make actual family unit members. As he died, no one did actually find otherwise proper care.