The main driver Rent a Car in Lahore


You must present the card used for payment when you arrive at the agency to pick up the car. This card must be that of the main driver. So, even if it is an accompanying or secondary driver, rent a car in Lahore make sure to pay for the rental with the main driver’s bank card. This will save you some problems. This is particularly the case because the guarantee can take the form of a bank imprint. It is imperative that the card to be presented must pay for the rental.

Always arrive on time

Whether before taking possession of the car or when returning it, make sure you arrive on time to avoid penalties. Rental companies generally allow a grace period of less than an hour. However, after this period, sometimes significant penalties will be appli to you. This could range from a few extra charges to canceling your reservation if you’re too late. When returning, you will usually have to pay one more day if the grace period has passed. Do not be late by several days: a procedure will be put in place against. You for theft of a rental car.

Avoid renting a car if you are a young driver

In Pakistan, it is often possible to rent a car from 18 years old (up to 21 years old depending on the agency). You must also have had your license for at least one year (up to 3 years for certain supermarkets). However, you are consider. A young driver up to a certain age (25 years old with the main rental companies).

This status of young driver requires you to pay an expensive surcharge. It increases depending on the number of rental days (up to a ceiling). Renting as a young driver is really expensive, up to 3 times the initial price for some cars and agencies! Car on rent in Lahore we therefore advise you to find alternatives to rental if you want to save a minimum. Likewise, adding a young driver as an additional driver is not a good idea. You must take the young driver surcharge in addition to adding another driver to your contract, which is particularly expensive.

Be extra vigilant during inventory

Whether it is the inventory before taking the car or before returning it, remain vigilant. Very often, the penalties that apply and the disputes are due to the impacts found on the car. This often costs you dearly and causes you to lose your deposit.

To minimize the risk of having to pay extra (especially for impacts you didn’t make), note everything you can on your entry inventory. We strongly advise you to take photos of the car. You will thus put all the chances on your side to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The inspection of the premises is often the most stressful moment when you rent. It is also in relation to this situation that many dissatisfied customers cry it a scam. Be careful, therefore. You also have the opportunity to challenge the officer’s decision. To do this, contact customer service for dispute resolution and, if this is not enough, contact a mediator.

Avoid returning keys when the rental agency is clos

We do not recomm. Returning the car keys when the rental agency is clos. Some agencies offer this option, which seems very advantageous since you can return your car as soon as you want. This also means that you are not present during the return inventory. Car rental companies in Lahore the agent will therefore be the only one present during this inventory. It is more complicated to defend yourself if you notice damage to the car. If, however, you wish to proce. This way, take as many photos of the car as possib. Clear indicating the date on which they were taken. At least you will have evidence that the damage was already there before (if that is indeed the case).

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