Their own just sis is actually a MBBS Dily details and you may a duplicate off horoscope


Their own just sis is actually a MBBS Dily details and you may a duplicate off horoscope

Kandy Govi Buddhist 1996 July produced MBBS to another country 5′ 5 step 1/?2”,? fair,? charming daughter,? doc moms and dads invite the right child,? preferably an enthusiastic MBBS otherwise Dental Doctor otherwise equivalent professional. Telephone number – 071-8075579,? 081-2240318 (immediately following 5 p.meters.). Email address – p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l?c?p?1?9?9?6??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?meters B208766

Kandy,? B/?Grams parents search professionally and you can academically accredited good-looking child because of their fairly daughter created in the 1995/?09,? 5’2” in height,? a fair skin and you may a slender figure,? who’s a Biomedical Research graduate,? initial Group Hons away from Northumbria University (because of BMS,? Colombo) and postgraduate Diploma (School of Colombo) now being employed as a beneficial postgraduate beginner in the Peradeniya. Twin sister is a professional within the Melbourne,? Australian continent. Parents are well knowledgeable and connected. In the event the curious delight reply with household members info with a duplicate from horoscope. l?j?a?y?5?6?3??y?a?h?o?o?.?c?o?yards B208839

MBBS Doc Specialist Trainee British 1983,? 5’5” slim breathtaking younger. B/?Grams mothers search never married compatible good looking young buck out of Sri Lanka or to another country. s?r?i?l?i?y?a?5?3??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m B208747

Mother seeks academically,? professionally accredited kind-hearted son to own child born when you look at the 1997 BSc (Computers Science),? MSc,? CIM qualified working in respected foreign mainly based Business in Sri Lanka,? more popular if the ready to migrate. p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l?2?0?2?3?g?m?m??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m? B208701

Expertly accredited caring,? loving young buck 1987 try needed by B/?Grams retired moms and dads because of their child 1987,? 5’3” kind-hearted Chartered Architect (BSc MSc & Chartered) willing to wade abroad. Excite answer that have family info. m?r?p?.?w?a?5?0?0??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?meters B208922

Expertly licensed well employed child which have sober activities of a genuine family unit members,? You citizen otherwise resident owner try found daughter only child United states resident,? separated just after a brief marriage of five days,? produced inside 1986 5’1” This woman is academically certified during the early youth studies and more developed once the Assistant Director off an educational studio had and operate from the All of us citizen mothers. U . s . proposals merely. Delight answer merely from the email : t?i?f?a?n?n?y?1?9?8?6??y?a?h?o?o?.?c?o?meters B208721

Respected Govi Sinhala Roman Catholic mothers out-of Colombo seek a properly functioning having good ethical opinions child because of their next child created in 1992,? 5’4” level,? reasonable,? slim,? really pretty much knowledgeable child keeps good Bachelors and you can Advantages during the Frameworks regarding prestigious college or university in the United kingdom. Today she is inside Sri Lanka enjoys her very own habit since a great Chartered Architect having substantial assets. Reply that have household members facts. Email : c?h?a?r?i?k?a?6?5??o?u?t?l?o?o?k?.?c?o?m? Phone : 0777 588656,? 0112519733. B208714

Roman Catholic mothers look for an educated partner because of their daughter,? MBA proprietor,? created for the 1985,? peak 5’4” and you may inherits worthwhile assets. React to p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l?3?2?8?0??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?meters B208950


Roman Catholic parents seek an appropriate spouse for their child (divorced),? produced into the 1979,? peak 5’7” and you may inherits rewarding assets. Answer n?e?g?o?m?b?o?7?8?9??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?meters B209020

Look for a life partner by the Bodu,? Govi mothers for their graduated child for the Embilipitiya,? produced inside the 1998,? height 5’2”,? involved in Professional Degrees

SGB Moms and dads away from Colombo Suburbs look for an appropriate lover with a good loved ones background for their child twenty six reasonable BSc/?MSc Engineer employed to another country waiting for migration so you’re able to Australia. Delight posting complete details to d?a?u?g?h?t?e?r?p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l?2?0?2?3??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m? having a duplicate away from horoscope. B208161

Sri Lankan /? Canadian,? Sinhala /? Buddhist moms and dads look for a professionally certified son because of their top-notch Professional daughter,? 40 years and you may 5’5” tall,? reasonable,? caring and working in the Canada. Excite reply with relatives facts so you can : s?t?a?r?5?4?3?1??b?e?l?l?.?n?e?t B208884

Personnel Levels working or businessman or partner life style abroad try desired for top 5’3”,? PhD. finished Nugegoda Bodu Govi daughter born inside 1977 employed in State Field. 0112829961 /? 0772321819. w?e?t?h?t?h?a?s Ukrainien magnifiques filles?i?n?g?h?e?c?h?a?n?d?i?1?9?7?7??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?meters B208913

Compatible companion is actually sought for by the parents B/?K/?G because of their daughter 1990,? 5’4” studying for PH.D from inside the Usa. Respond that have horoscope. Email address – m?a?p?r?o?p?o?s?a?l?2?0?2?1??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?m B208716

We are looking to a properly-working otherwise businessman,? in your town or overseas for the child. This woman is 95/?10 5’2” reasonable,? working as a loan application Professional. Please answer having loved ones details. Email: m?a?r?r?a?g?e?p?r?o?p?9?5?1?0??g?m?a?i?l?.?c?o?meters B208967