What Is the Best Time for Sending Business Emails?

Email marketing

Email marketing is more than just the message you send. The secret to a successful mailing campaign, like other digital marketing tasks is in the small details: the subject, the sender, and the pre-text… as well as the time.

You can imagine that there isn’t a specific time when you will be guaranteed to have a successful email. The most general answer is “What is the ideal time to send an e-mail?”: it depends.

Using the data and technology provided by the most powerful email services, we can answer the question. But first, you should know what is the average open rate for email marketing.


Email frequency and the best day to send them

We’ll start with regular, frequent campaigns such as a bulletin or newsletter. Some companies launch them weekly, while others do so monthly. Others may choose to send it more frequently, depending on their criteria.

It has been determined that Thursday and Tuesday are the most effective days to send emails with an open focus. This should not stop you from trying other days of the week.

You should therefore also consider the goals that you set for your email marketing campaign, as the results can vary depending on the key metrics. If you want a high CTR on Tuesday, that would be the best day to do it.


When is the best time to send an email?

This question has the same answer as the previous ones. There is a logic to this question, which is that you must first know who you’re communicating with. Your client will be different if he is a student 20 years old or a senior executive aged 45.

You will also need to know about the unique characteristics and habits of your client persona.

We can usually conclude that depending on your ideal client, their lifestyle, and consumption habits, it is always better to send an attractive email at times such as the beginning of the day, during breaks, or at the end.


Some other factors we should consider when sending the perfect email:


You need to find a good balance between sending hundreds of emails per week and only remembering your recipients once a year.

In addition to keeping your recipients healthy, giving them enough space will help you avoid spam. Consider that other organizations or companies are invading the same inbox as you.

If you want to be remembered for your service, people must know you are constantly moving and always available.



Customizing is important for two reasons. The first is to connect with your recipient better. When contacting them, it is important to take into consideration their interests and concerns.

This is crucial for determining the best time to convert. Second, customization allows for automation. This means you can spend less time evaluating your campaign results.


Content Types and Devices

In general, you can open and view any kind of email on any device. Some contents work better on a large screen, while others are more suited to mobile.

Add to that the consumption habits of your buyer persona and adapting the content to the moment you send it will likely result in better metrics, such as CTR or the approximate duration of the page on which your calls are directed. to action.


You can also find out more about the conclusion of this article.

Many studies show similar results, but they also vary. The key is to determine the email marketing goals you’re looking for: opening rate, click-through rate (CTR), response rate, etc.

It is important to always experiment with different times, days, and content strategies.

If you tailor your content to your audience’s interests, they will be more likely to continue to subscribe to your service.

Contact us at Digital Specialist and we will help to determine the best time and day for email marketing after analyzing your business and customers.