When Do Dentists in Los Angeles Recommend Maxillofacial Surgery?

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Problems with your jaw and teeth may cause pain and discomfort. Only certified dentists can treat these problems with reconstructive surgery. Maxillofacial surgery addresses the issues with the lower areas of your face. In some cases, the surgery is recommended for patients preparing for dentures and dental implants. The dentists Los Angeles may place the implants while performing maxillofacial surgery.

Facial disorders that can be treated with maxillofacial surgery-

Dentists in Los Angeles recommend maxillofacial surgery for various facial issues.

1. Wisdom teeth extraction 

If a tooth below the gum’s surface is impacted, you need a surgical solution. Maxillofacial surgery is essential to expose the wisdom tooth. The surgeon will cut into the alveolar bone that creates the tooth sockets.

2. Deformed facial structure

Deformed facial skeletons and jaws are inborn issues with some people. Developmental growth issues, diseases, and injuries may lead to these problems. However, maxillofacial surgeons reposition and reshape your facial structure to repair deformities. 

3. Missing teeth

If you want to replace the missing teeth with dental implants or artificial alternatives, you need to undergo oral surgery. The metal components replace the roots of your tooth and are not removable. While placing the dental implant, the surgeon will cut into your jaw bones.

A maxillofacial surgeon is skilled in conducting detailed surgical processes on the 

  • Soft tissues
  • Jawbone 
  • Surrounding nerves

For some patients, it is essential to reconstruct soft tissues and bones before having the implants. Contact the best Los Angeles dentist and let him diagnose your condition.

4. Oral disorders

Some oral diseases may affect the soft and hard tissues in your face. Only surgical methods are the remedy for these problems. For instance, surgeries can treat complications causing damage to your facial and jaw bones. The dental surgeon will first conduct a primary surgery before performing maxillofacial surgery that restores normal oral functions.

5. Cleft palate and lip

Due to these congenital defects, the oral tissues of a child do not join together. Dental experts know how to correct the deformities of your child’s facial bone. 

6. Pain in jaw joints

If your jaw joints are damaged, you cannot chew and eat food properly. The joint connects your skull to the jaw. If you are severely injured, you will feel pain while moving your jaws or opening your mouth. So, the dentist in Los Angeles will recommend oral surgeries to prevent further issues. 

More about maxillofacial surgery

The maxillofacial surgery process depends on the dental condition you want to treat. Sometimes, it is a quick surgical solution for your dental problems. In other faces, it involves multiple steps for the dental remedy. You may need to take imaging tests to have a detailed view of your face and jaw. After surgery, you must not eat chewy and crunchy foods for a few days. Avoid alcohol and tobacco during the post-surgery period. If you experience swelling, you may use ice packs.

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