Where Can I Get A Pilonidal Cyst Removed?

where can i get a pilonidal cyst removed

A pilonidal cyst is quite common these days and it has been observed that people who are more likely to be involved in desk jobs are having this trouble. This is because this happens usually in the buttocks region, and can prove to be quite painful. Where can I get a pilonidal cyst removed? If you are wondering about which doctor treats pilonidal cyst, you are here at the right place. 

Diagnosis of a pilonidal cyst

The first and foremost thing that a doctor would want to know from your pain is to see if you actually have any symptoms for the same. Next, it is equally important to understand about your medical history, and also, any sort of personal habit which might impact your skin by any chance. The best way to deal with it is to seek opinion from a health care provider who can treat the issue appropriately on time without allowing it to turn severe. 

Treatment of a pilonidal cyst

As soon as you contact a healthcare provider, the better it is! The surgeon will generally recommend you to make a cut in the area of the cyst by numbing the area and then gradually draining it out. The hole is then covered with a gauze. This is the very first and primary thing that a doctor will do! In case you witness that the cyst is returning back from time to time, you may require to get a surgery done. However, there are several cases when a patient is seen to get infection from the cyst after it is drained, and that’s when you must opt for a surgery. 

Taking proper care for your wound is very much critical to ensure that you are going well throughout your healing period. From changing the dressings from time to time to shaving the area around your wound, you must be very cautious that no dust particles or body hair is disturbing the wounded area. Here are a couple of precautions that you must take after the incision is done: 

1. Leave the wound in an open condition

Here, the surgeon will simply pack the wound with dressing and as a result, your wound is able to heal from inside out. Although this process is a bit time consuming, there is a higher chance that you won’t be getting it back. 

2. Cover the wounded region with stitches

This is yet another way to heal your wounded area. However, it takes a shorter time span to recover but then there is a higher chance of it coming back all over again. 

Things you can keep in mind before you consider a health care provider who can remove your pilonidal cyst: 

3. Do not delay in booking your appointment

Too often, we tend to ignore the wound and keep it as it is, and that’s the biggest mistake ever! In several cases, your primary health care provider will be the best person to decide whether or not you need to seek consultation from a qualified surgeon or maybe you will just need to see a dermatologist. 

4. Make sure that you are telling the background of the occurrence of the cyst to the doctor properly

A good doctor will not just cut open the cyst in the very first go since that is not the only solution. It will still have a fair chance of coming back with due course of time. Therefore, the best thing that you can possibly do is to note down some of the basic information before you make a visit to the surgeon. This includes trying to recollect the exact time when you had seen the pilonidal cyst for the first time, or you have had such experience earlier. The next thing is to check when you last had the symptoms and whether or not they are going down or increasing rapidly with time. Nonetheless, your family history and the category of medicine or supplements that you are taking plays a crucial role in determining the root cause of your pilonidal cyst. 

5. Be prepared with your answers to your doctor’s questions

The moment you meet your doctor, you are more likely to be asked if you are getting a tremendous pain in the area of the cyst such that it is keeping you awake all throughout the night, or you have had pain post discovering the cyst. Also, he or she may ask you about the kind of occupation you are in, to understand if that is one of the reasons you got the cyst.

Bottom line

Although getting a pilonidal cyst is quite common these days, there are several ways and means through which you can treat it, as well as, refrain yourself from getting it over and over again. Understand that your expectations from your doctor should be very clear, and it is only if you cooperate with your doctor and thus, take the necessary precautions and measures post the incision or surgery that will help you to resist yourself from witnessing its recurrence. Recovering from a cyst is easy, but ensuring yourself from not getting it ever again is what you should focus upon!