Who are the most popular female disney characters?


This can be considered as a very popular question among a lot of children out there who are ardent fans of disney movies and their characters. As we all know, the disney movies are indeed very interesting and no matter how old you are, you will surely enjoy watching these amazing movies. Previously, the female disney characters were portrayed as a weak personality who used to rely on their male counterparts to get themselves saved from different troubles and problems that they faced. But currently, this scenario has changed a lot and as a result, the disney movies are conceptualized in an entirely different manner. This is in fact very much necessary because these movies are mostly watched by the small children as well as the teenagers. In that case, if we show them that females are weak and they need the constant support of the males around them, then they will surely get a wrong message or interpretation. Now-a-days, the movies are much different and most of them have a female lead character who is beautiful inside out as well as strong. This change is very important because there is a notion that the female characters should be beautiful no matter what. In fact, strength and courage were always given least importance while creating a female character. Thankfully, the writers are changing their mentality and are coming up with female characters that are strong and brave. So, if you want to know in detail about some of these characters, then please continue reading.

Anna – Frozen, one of the most popular female disney characters 

It is appropriate to say that the award for the strongest heart definitely goes to this girl! This is a character that has stayed back with the audiences even months after watching this popular movie. She can be regarded as the epitome of empathy and she overflows with kindness and the desire to make friends with everyone she meets. In fact, her positivity and optimism is infectious and there are a lot of things that we can learn from her. She strongly believes that there is always a way to turn a bad situation around. She strives extremely hard to figure out how to fix the broken elements of her life. In addition to that, she is an extremely hardworking girl and is always willing to set out on different life-changing journeys in order to help her sister and the country. This quality is indeed very admirable and this indicates how selfless she is. She is least concerned about herself and all she cares about is the well being of those around her. Another essential feature of this character is that she knows where her duties lie and she always shows immense eagerness to solve the mystery or fix the problem all by herself. She believes that some people are worth melting for and this belief of her makes our hearts melt for her! Thus, she is indeed a remarkable character who teaches a lot of things about selfless love and kindness. 

Rapunzel – Tangled 

She is a woman who is never afraid to chase her dreams no matter how many obstacles she might face on the way. This feature definitely makes her one of the most popular female disney characters out there. It is appropriate to say that the character of Rapunzel definitely changed the game for Disney princesses and everyone regards her as the heroine of her own story. Her mentality is astonishing and it teaches us a lot of things. She is regarded as an independent, as well as, free-spirited woman who doesn’t expect anyone to do anything for her. In fact, she knows how to handle her problems without the help of anyone. She didn’t wait for her life to begin, rather she saw an opportunity and took it. Without thinking twice, she puts her own wants and desires above everything else. She teaches us a valuable lesson that it is not at all okay for people to control and walk all over you. In fact, she is a smart and fearless lady who is never afraid to stand up for what’s right. This attitude of hers shows the young girls and women all over the world that they are in fact in charge of their own life as well as actions. She is nothing less than a real role model and even today, she continues to teach young girls about the important values of life and what it truly means to be a strong woman. This character definitely deserves more credit. She has entirely changed the game for what women are truly capable of.

Belle – Beauty and the Beast 

This character can also be considered as one of the most famous female disney characters of all time. This character teaches us that it takes immense courage and kindness to see beauty in places where others don’t see it. Another essential feature of this character is that she never judges a book by its cover. In fact, she finds beauty all around her and is always confident and comfortable being herself. This can definitely be regarded as an important virtue that should inspire the young girls of today. She teaches everyone that we shouldn’t try to change anything about ourselves in order to just fit in. Another important feature of this character is that she is  strong enough to not care what others think about her and is happy with who she is. She displays a shining strength, as well as, bravery and she always dares to speak up and stand up against injustices and unfairness. This character is indeed very special and she faces challenges head-on and fights her own battles.


There are a number of female disney characters that can be considered as extremely popular. In this discussion, we have mentioned the vital characteristics of three of these characters. These include Anna – Frozen, Rapunzel – Tangled, as well as, Belle – Beauty and the Beast. Thus, if you want to know in detail about this particular topic, then this discussion will definitely provide you the much needed information regarding some of the most popular female characters.