10 Best Apps to Improve Writing


Want to improve your writing skill? Who can help you with it?

Who else other than our all-around saviour – TECHNOLOGY!

Yes, technology can help you improve your writing skill. There are apps that can really work as your guiding star. In this blog, I will introduce you to 10 such apps that will help enhance your writing skill.

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Everyone can benefit from writing tips regardless of talent or experience level. Whether you’re a young student, a professional scribe, an aspiring author, or somewhere in between, the assignment experts aren’t afraid to take advice and consistently apply it to their work in order to make great creative strides. These apps are equivalent to human guidance and even better. They will help you grow.

Apps to enhance your writing skill

750 Words

Every writer understands that practice makes perfect. The more a person writes, the faster they will become an expert. 750 Words, a free app that encourages writers to stay committed by completing 750 words per day, is a great free app to help people get into the daily habit of writing consistently. 750 Words, which has over 555,000 free users to date, is ideal for those who need extra motivation to stay in the creative process on a daily basis.

Daily Page

Daily Page is a free writing app that provides prompts and specific writing assignments daily to ensure a writer stays focused and in the groove. However, daily Pages, while a great tool for getting writers into the habit of writing on a daily basis, also forces its users to get used to staring at a blank page, a crippling reality that often discourages writers from progressing.

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Ever note

Every writer’s best friend is organisation. The more organised their thoughts are, the clearer their writing will become. EverNote is a free app (with monthly limits and paid upgrades) for taking notes, organising, task management, and archiving. As such, it is an ideal tool for organising a writer’s scattered thoughts and important notes.

Focus Writers

FocusWriter is a free app designed to combat the problem of distractions for writers who need deeper concentration to finish assignments and stay focused on the task at hand. For those looking to improve their writing speed, the app includes timers and alarms, as well as spell-check, live stats, daily goals, customisable themes, and even a typewriter sound effect.


While Grammarly has a paid upgrade option for $29.95 per month, the free basic version is one of the most widely used writing apps in 2022. The extremely useful tool, which is compatible with Microsoft and nearly every CMS and WordPress, provides several helpful tips and editing suggestions that go far beyond a simple spell-checker.

Graph words

The more words they are at ease with, the more dynamic their prose will become. Graph Words is a great free app for expanding a writer’s vocabulary because it visually displays synonyms and antonyms as one type, acting as a digital thesaurus of sorts. Writers can instantly access a web of related terminology by dragging their cursor over any word they write.


One of the most difficult challenges for a writer is expressing their ideas clearly and concisely. Hemingway, a free app designed specifically to make a person’s writing bold and clear, is a useful tool for improving clarity. In addition, Hemingway is a great tool for writers and copywriters who want to make their text as syntactically accurate and concise as possible.


Finding a muse on a regular basis to avoid writer’s block is one of the keys to remaining creatively productive, as every writer knows. Check out Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator for help finding inspiration for new content for writers who struggle to come up with ideas and concepts to write about. The topics are useful for all types of writers because they can be used for any type of writing, not just blog posts. So try Hubspot to avoid becoming a movie character with writer’s block.


Many writers believe that visualisation is the key to breaking into a piece of prose. MilaNote, a free writing app that allows users to organise their thoughts and concepts into visual boards, understands this better than any other. MilaNote has a plethora of options for every type of writer, making it ideal for a screenwriter or director illustrating storyboards or general brainstorming. As a result, it’s ideal for use with the best free photo collage apps, such as Canva.


ProWriting Aid is a free app that functions as a digital editor, writing coach, and style guide in one. Writers can upload documents and receive free feedback for 20 minutes. The reports will give writers tips on how to improve everything from syntactical flow to overused words, unclear transitions, and vague phrasing.

Wrapping it up

Make use of these tools and improve the quality of your nursing assignment help like never before. They are all easy to use and very convenient.