Benefits of a CRM for customer management

CRM for customer management

Do you have difficulties communicating with the internal staff of your company? How do you follow up on your sales opportunities? Do you spend too much time managing emails, calls and meetings?

These are common problems in almost all companies, which directly impact poor performance, lack of communication and a bad work environment. One thinks that a specific task has been performed by another partner, but the other had no idea of ​​this responsibility. And meanwhile, the client is unattended. In the end, relationships with colleagues and clients are affected.

Companies have new needs that must be covered with technology. And today we want to talk to you about CRM. Because it is the name given to the tool to maximize sales, income and efficiency in managing your clients.

What is CRM for customer management?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management or Customer Relationship Management. Where many see a simple tool, others have seen a perfect opportunity to manage clients effectively. It is a system that integrates the management of all practices, business strategies and technologies focused on customer relations. It not only facilitates the management of relationships that derive from the marketing, sales and service processes, but also supports other company departments in their management and decision-making processes.

6 characteristics of a good CRM system to manage clients

Correctly managing the day-to-day relationships with customers, from all areas, is synonymous with efficiency. And efficiency is the main trigger for productivity. This is possible thanks to the unique features of the CRM system for clients:

contact management

It is the number one functionality of the system. It allows you to capture and organize the information obtained from your potential customers, from when they become part of your database until they become customers. That information may be demographic, contact, or other. In any case, they are essential data to favor the management of your contacts. Ease of access and platform security are essential features in the tool.

Engagement Tracking

Whatever the reason why customers are part of your database, it is important to keep track of the interaction with them. This feature makes it possible for the different areas involved in the sales process, for example, to access the traceability of the interactions between the client and the company in a single click: when they contacted for the first time, number of meetings, information delivered, etc. Without a doubt, it is a decisive step to facilitate coordination and prevent the client from having to repeat the same information over and over again. In addition to streamlining the process, the customer feels they are an important part of the business. Because it is.


They say that it is the evolution of multichannel, a very accurate reflection. Because a CRM system for clients integrates all the communication channels that the company has with it, from social networks to email and the chat on its website. In short, all channels are integrated into a single platform, which makes it possible to centralize all customer information. Accessing it to provide solutions in the shortest possible time is just what companies need.

Workflow automation

Surely, your business performs endless repetitive tasks that steal your time. Thanks to CRM automation, you can create effective workflows that save resources without much effort. Prioritize tasks and leave space to take care of the most important thing: your business. Do not forget to create reminders to track tasks whenever you need it, it is another possibility offered by automation in CRM software.

Integration with other platforms

Often, companies use a multitude of different tools in their departments. The CRM does not have to replace them, since it allows them to be integrated thanks to the integration functionality of the system. For example, it can be easily integrated with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Your commercial actions will be perfectly integrated with those of production.

Management reports

All the data on the platform has a reason. And the reasons are easily understandable through automatic reports that offer a detailed analysis of all actions done and to be done. By stage, by client or by any other filter. Therefore, more than statistics, it is the behavior of your customers.

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