C Programming: Why Is It Still Winning the Battle of Famous Languages?


Dennis Ritchie originated a language at AT&T Bell Labs and that language is still relevant and ruling the industry. Can you guess it? Let me tell you about it. We are talking about the C programming language here. I hope you guessed it right! C is one procedural programming language that originated to communicate on the operating system. There are so many reasons why this basic programming language is still ruling the world. The language comes with a simple and clean set of keywords, sleek style, low-level access to memory, and so on.

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Now you must be interested to learn why C programming is still prevalent when you have tons of other programming languages available. Read this blog to know the answers. Let’s get started!

Exceptional Features of C Programming that Make it Popular

Simple Language

The C programming language is very simple to understand. This language provides a structured approach. It means that you can divide the complete program into easily manageable components. When library functions, data types, etc. are divided into modules, it becomes simpler for the programmers to work on them.

Easily Portable

Another best feature of the C programming language is that it is easily portable. Unlike other modeling languages, this language can be executed using distinct machines just through some specific changes. In short, it can be interpreted that the C programming language is a machine-independent language while other modeling languages are not.

Rich Library

When C was developed, other programming languages were not having a rich libraries. C language offers you a lot of inbuilt functions; which means your development will be going at a faster pace rather than slow execution. Inbuilt functions and directories save precious time and as a result fast development process. You can take assignment writing help online if you need help with any part of C programming assignments.


The assembly languages didn’t come with the pointer feature back then. The C programming language is the only one that has this feature. Using pointers, you can quickly form a connection with the memory of the computer. This was considered the most powerful characteristic of the C programming language which was founded between 1969 and 1973. The “pointer” can be used for the array, functions, structures, memory, etc.


Another reason why the C language is still favorable is because of this Extension feature. True, this language is most suitable for the creation or adoption of new features. Adding to all these features, you can efficiently customize this language by combining features that are on trend.

Concluding Thought

In a nutshell, one can say that the C programming language is rich and has some extraordinary features which make it superior everywhere across the world. No other programming language has this level. All these things about C programming have made it popular among developers.

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