Cisco UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H & UCS-MR-X64G2RW Memory


In an era where data is king, the efficiency and reliability of server memory have become paramount for businesses and IT infrastructures. Cisco, a leader in networking and IT solutions, has once again set a benchmark in server memory technology with its innovative products: the UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H and UCS-MR-X64G2RW memory modules. These modules are not just components; they are gateways to unparalleled performance and stability in server environments.

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

The UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H and UCS-MR-X64G2RW are embodiments of Cisco’s commitment to excellence. Each module boasts a substantial 64GB capacity, ensuring that your server can handle extensive data-intensive applications without a hitch. The UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H operates at a speed of 2933MHz, while the UCS-MR-X64G2RW steps up the game with a speed of 3200MHz, both providing an efficient throughput that meets the demands of modern enterprise workloads.

Advanced Technical Specifications

Cisco’s focus on innovation is evident in the technical specifications of these modules. The UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H and UCS-MR-X64G2RW both use DDR4 technology, which is a significant step up from the previous generations in terms of speed, energy efficiency, and reliability. DDR4 technology ensures that these modules are not only fast but also consume less power, which is crucial in reducing operational costs in data centers. Furthermore, the ECC (Error-Correcting Code) registered memory in these modules enhances server stability by preventing data corruption and system crashes.

Optimized for Cisco UCS Servers

Designed specifically for Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System) servers, these memory modules integrate seamlessly into your existing Cisco infrastructure. The compatibility with UCS servers ensures that you get the most out of your hardware, with optimized performance and reliability. This seamless integration is a boon for IT administrators, simplifying the management and scalability of server resources.

Seamless Scalability and Flexibility

One of the standout features of the UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H and UCS-MR-X64G2RW modules is their scalability. Whether you’re running a small business server or a large data center, these modules can scale to meet your growing data demands. Their dual-rank configuration adds to their flexibility, allowing for better signal integrity and improved performance in multi-module configurations.

Optimized Performance for Diverse Applications

The versatility of the UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H and UCS-MR-X64G2RW modules extends beyond just raw capacity and speed. These memory modules are designed to support a wide range of applications, from virtualization and cloud computing to high-performance computing (HPC) and large-scale database management. This adaptability makes them an ideal choice for businesses that require a robust and versatile server memory solution capable of handling diverse workloads with ease.

Energy Efficiency: A Step Towards Sustainable IT

In today’s world, where sustainability is increasingly becoming a priority, the energy-efficient design of the UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H and UCS-MR-X64G2RW modules stands out. By utilizing DDR4 technology, these modules consume less power compared to older generations, translating to lower energy costs and a reduced carbon footprint for data centers. This efficiency does not come at the cost of performance, making these modules a responsible choice for environmentally conscious organizations.

Enhanced Data Integrity and Security

Data integrity is critical in any server environment, and the UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H and UCS-MR-X64G2RW modules address this need through ECC registered memory. This technology corrects data errors on the fly, preventing data corruption and system downtime. Such reliability is crucial for businesses where data integrity and uptime are non-negotiable, such as in financial services, healthcare, and government sectors.

Case Study: Maximizing Server Efficiency in a Financial Institution

To illustrate the impact of these memory modules, consider a case study of a financial institution that upgraded its data center with UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H and UCS-MR-X64G2RW modules. Prior to the upgrade, the institution faced challenges in handling large-scale transactions and real-time data processing. Post-upgrade, the servers equipped with these Cisco memory modules demonstrated a marked improvement in processing speed and reliability, leading to more efficient transaction handling and data analysis. This upgrade not only improved the institution’s operational efficiency but also enhanced its capacity to scale up its services in the future.

Future-Proofing Your IT Infrastructure

Investing in the UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H and UCS-MR-X64G2RW memory modules is a step towards future-proofing your IT infrastructure. As data demands continue to grow, having a server memory solution that can scale and adapt to future requirements is invaluable. These modules provide that assurance, offering a blend of current performance excellence and future scalability.

Streamlining Operations in Data-Intensive Environments

In environments where data is constantly being processed and analyzed, like in big data analytics and machine learning applications, the performance of server memory is critical. The UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H and UCS-MR-X64G2RW modules excel in these scenarios. Their high capacity and speed enable servers to process large datasets more efficiently, reducing the time taken for data analysis and insights generation. This efficiency is vital for organizations that rely on real-time data processing to make informed decisions.

Compatibility and Integration: The Cisco Advantage

An often-overlooked aspect of server memory is compatibility with existing hardware and software ecosystems. Cisco’s UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H and UCS-MR-X64G2RW modules are designed to be fully compatible with a wide range of Cisco UCS servers. This compatibility ensures that businesses can integrate these modules into their existing infrastructures without the need for extensive modifications or upgrades, providing a cost-effective solution to enhance server performance.

Technical Deep Dive: Understanding the Underlying Technology

To appreciate the capabilities of the UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H and UCS-MR-X64G2RW modules, it’s important to understand the technology behind them. DDR4 technology, which these modules utilize, offers higher module density, faster data transfer rates, and more bandwidth compared to its predecessors. Additionally, the dual-rank configuration of these modules provides improved signal integrity and performance, especially in systems with multiple memory modules installed.

Scalability for Future Growth

As businesses grow, so do their data needs. The UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H and UCS-MR-X64G2RW modules are built with scalability in mind. They allow businesses to expand their server memory capacity as needed, ensuring that their IT infrastructure can keep up with their growth. This scalability is crucial for future-proofing IT investments, ensuring that businesses can continue to operate efficiently without constant hardware upgrades.


The UCS-MR-X64G2RT-H and UCS-MR-X64G2RW server memory modules from Cisco are more than just hardware components; they are integral parts of a high-performance computing solution. Their exceptional speed, capacity, energy efficiency, and reliability make them ideal for a wide range of applications, from cloud computing to data analytics. By choosing these modules, businesses are making a smart investment in their IT infrastructure, one that will deliver performance, scalability, and efficiency both now and in the future.