Door Video Intercom – Explore the Benefits


To be honest, when I first heard about door video intercom systems I thought they were just a teeny bit too pretentious for me but now that I have one I wouldn’t live without one.

Why I installed A Door Video Intercom- I didn’t have a clue really as to what type of door video intercom system I would go for but after doing some research on home security and looking at some of the best ways to secure your property I came down easily in favor of the door video intercom.

For starters as soon as anybody came on the doorstep they received a clear message that this property was secure. As they pressed the button they became aware that they were suddenly going to be monitored and if they had any agenda it goliath ip was unlikely to succeed.

How many times have you stood on your doorstep trying to get rid of unwanted callers and have to eventually get annoyed because they won’t take no for an answer?

We’ve all been there so let’s take a look at how an intercom can be used for caller screening:

  • Screen the usual mix of doorstep sellers;
  • Neighbors that are a pain in the backside;
  • Unsavory callers that you are unsure of;
  • Late night callers.

When it comes to matters of security an intercom is probably one of the best investments you can make for your home. It’s not just for you to use but for all members of the family to see who is at your door before you even pick up the handset. In my particular case my door video intercom actually watches my car 24 hours a day. If I wanted to record 24 hours a day to a computer it is a relatively inexpensive task and easy to set up.

The ability to see who is calling and the ability to hold a conversation with your visitor without going anywhere near your door always puts you in control of the situation.

How Can A Door Video Intercom System Protect The Elderly- The most vulnerable in our community are elderly people and that is why they are continually targeted by unscrupulous criminals. Every week we read about how people are abused in their homes as a result of opening their doors to strangers.

Lets face it, if a criminal comes to your door and sees the door video intercom system the odds are that he or she will move on. Even if they don’t you will be able to monitor your visitor on your screen and talk to them before making the decision to open your door. You can also review identification tags and if necessary make some phone call to ensure that your visitor is who they say they are. If the visitor is genuine they won’t mind waiting.

Conclusion- A door video intercom system may seem a little pretentious but when you explore the benefits it become immediately clear what a great investment this would make for any home.

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