The Best Method to Draw A Totoro – Full Guide

Draw A Totoro


Draw A Totoro: The adorable woodland soul from Studio Ghibli’s famous vivified film “My Neighbor Totoro” has caught the hearts of individuals worldwide. With his round body, fluffy appearance, and delicate disposition, Totoro has turned into a persevering image of young life with honesty and a creative mind. Bless your lucky stars if you ever want to rejuvenate this delightful person on paper!

This bit-by-bit guide will walk you through the most common way of drawing Totoro, from his particular shape to his enchanting grin. Whether you’re an accomplished craftsman or simply beginning your imaginative excursion, this instructional exercise will assist you with making your own Totoro work of art.

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Materials You Will Need:

Before we start, how about we accumulate the important materials:

Paper: You can utilize any paper you like. Sketch paper or drawing paper functions admirably.

Pencils: You will require a scope of pencils with various lead hardness, for example, 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B. These pencils will permit you to accomplish different line loads and concealing.

Eraser: A decent-quality eraser is fundamental for revising errors and refining your drawing.

Sharpener: Guarantee your pencils are sharp for exact lines and subtleties.

Reference Picture: Track down a reasonable picture of Totoro for perspective. You can utilize screen captures from the film, official craftsmanship, or printed pictures.

Since you have your materials prepared, we should jump into the bit-by-bit course of drawing Totoro.

Stage 1: Essential Shapes

Begin by drawing the essential shapes that will act as the establishment for Totoro’s body. Start with a huge oval shape for his gut and a more modest oval for his head. These ovals should cover somewhat at the top.

Stage 2: Ears and Eyes

Totoro has two huge, round ears. Draw these on each side of his head. Then, attract two major round eyes to the upper piece of his face. Please pass on a little hole between the eyes to make his notorious wide-looked-at articulation.

Stage 3: Nose and Mouth

For the nose, draw a little bent line between the eyes. Keep it straightforward – Totoro’s nose is unobtrusive. Make a delicate, bent line underneath the nose to frame his grinning mouth. Totoro’s mouth should bend up, giving him a well-disposed and satisfied look.

Stage 4: Hairs and Subtleties

Add three little hair-like lines on each side of Totoro’s face, just underneath his eyes. These hairs are short and straightforward, adding to his charming appearance. Remember to give him his little, round understudies in the focal point of each eye.

Stage 5: Arms and Feet

Totoro has plump, thickset arms and feet. Draw two little, adjusted square shapes for his arms, stretching down from his body on each side. Sketch two adjusted shapes for his feet at the lower part of his body. These shapes ought to look like half-circles.

Stage 6: Fluff and Fur

Totoro’s most particular element is his fur. To catch this, make a harsh, rugged framework around his body and ears, giving the impression of fur. Utilize fast, short strokes to propose the surface of his fur. This step adds profundity and aspect to your drawing.

Stage 7: Subtleties and Surface

Presently, add better subtleties to make Totoro wake up. Draw the partition between his toes on his feet and little, bent lines on his arms to show joints. Please focus on the surface and bearing of his fur, adding more lines depending on the situation to improve the fluffiness.

Stage 8: Tummy Markings

Totoro has remarkable markings on his stomach. Draw a huge, semi-round shape on his tummy, just underneath his mouth. Draw two more modest semi-circles inside this shape, one over the other. This will make the unmistakable example on Totoro’s gut.

Stage 9: Shadows and Concealing

To give your Totoro drawing profundity, add concealing. Decide the course of your light source and shade as needed. Obscure the regions under his arms, tummy, ears, and the sides of his body. Use gentler pencils like 4B or 6B for more obscure overshadowing and a mixing device, such as a mixing stump or your finger, to smooth and mix the overshadowing.

Stage 10: Last Contacts

Before you finish, go over your drawing and make any essential changes. Eradicate any wanderer lines or smirch, refine the fur surface, and ensure that your extents and subtleties match your reference picture. Whenever you’re fulfilled, your Totoro drawing is finished!

Your Totoro Drawing is Finished!

This is a particularly darling and cute person from a similarly dearest film, and we trust that you lived it up by figuring out how to attract him this aide on the most proficient method to draw Totoro! In this aide, we meant to ensure that drawing him would be fun and simple, and we additionally needed to leave space for your imaginative contacts.

Adding subtleties and a foundation is one method for customizing this drawing; you could switch around the tones and investigate with various artistry mediums. However long you permit yourself to have a good time, you will unquestionably wind up with something incredible!

Our site has additional drawing guides, and many highlight other darling characters! You’ll need to continue to check in, as we transfer new ones regularly. It would be perfect to perceive how your Totoro drawing ended up, so if it’s not too much trouble, share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages so that we can see it!


Drawing Totoro is a great and compensating experience, permitting you to rejuvenate this cherished person with your imaginative touch. Whether you’re a fledgling or an accomplished craftsman, following this bit-by-bit guide will assist you with making an enchanting Totoro drawing you can be glad for. Make sure to rehearse and partake in the innovative strategy, and soon, you’ll draw Totoro easily and with certainty. Blissful drawing!

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