Fossil Glasses 2023 Eye Care Award Goes to…Colleen Young


Tinted Fossil Glasses are always in and out of fashion. However, besides improving your street style, they do a great job for your vision and eyes safety. You can have the best eyesight quality and prevent dangerous lights through proper tint or glasses filter.

If you believe that lens filters and tints are exclusively used to raise the price of your fossil eyeglasses, you should rethink it. They can improve your whole viewing experience and provide you with crisp eyesight. Whether you frequently use digital screens or drive, there are various glasses tints and filters that are perfect for various activities.

Different kinds of eyeglasses filters

The most common eyeglasses filter is an anti-blue light filter, which is meant to eliminate blue light when working on an electronic device. The harmful blue light emitted by computer screens is the most prevalent reason for eye strain when looking at them. It is advisable to get an anti-scratch solution for your fossil glasses frames with corrective lenses if you wish to keep your lenses to remain spotless for a long period.

People’s eyes are frequently painful and dry after staring at a screen for an extended period of time. It is due to the blue light being unfocused, which causes visual noise and makes it difficult for your eyes to concentrate on the screen.

While sunlight is the most common provider of blue rays, it is all-natural and hence has greater health advantages than drawbacks. However, the blue light emitted by your electronics is not natural, and prolonged use causes eye strain, sleep deficiency, and dry eyes.

Although the blue light released by electronic gadgets is just a small percentage of that released by the sun, the amount of time people spends using these devices frequently exposes their eyes to a significant quantity of this radiation. Blue light filters in glasses help to filter out most of these blue light rays before reaching your eyes.

Fossil eyeglasses frames with blue light safety lenses include an innovative coating that filters blue light and reduces eye strain regardless of how long you spend on your devices. While not scientifically determined, some experts feel that long-term blue light exposure can cause retinal damage. As a result, blue light fossil prescription glasses can also help to prevent this type of damage.


·         Anti-glare treatment

Anti-glare filters eliminate undesirable light while allowing only good light to your eyes. It removes reflected light from electronic displays or a flat surface. It enhances your vision by lowering the reflections on the lenses. This coating is available for bifocal, high-index, varifocal, and conventional lenses.

Anti-glare filters also help your glasses look better. When reflections strike your lenses, it can hinder people from seeing your eyes while you’re in strong light. However, this filter overcomes that problem while also improving the appearance of your eyewear. This filter is present in all sports eyewear, particularly those used for skiing, fishing, or snowboarding.

·         UV filter

UV ray protection is the most effective technique for maintaining your eye’s health for a long time while also lowering your risk of developing certain eye disorders. UV rays from the sun are also harmful to your eyes, like your skin. Sunburn or photo keratitis of the eyes can result from prolonged exposure to UV rays.

In addition, long-term UV exposure can raise your risk of getting macular degeneration or cataracts. You may be asking; why do you require UV protection on your fossil glasses for men if you wear sunglasses? However, it’s vital to remember that ultraviolet (UV) rays are also strong on a gloomy day when wearing shades isn’t a viable option. UV protection for your prescription lenses is a smart act to guarantee eyes’ safety from UV rays every time.

·         Scratch-resistant treatment

The most significant feature of every pair of glasses is anti-scratch. The lenses have a hard coating placed on their surface to make them scratch-resistant. It’s common to drop your prescription glasses because you wear them every day, which might harm the lenses. This will not only make your glasses appear awful, but you’ll also experience blurry vision due to lens flaws.

It is advisable to get an anti-scratch solution for your fossil glasses frames with corrective lenses if you wish to keep your lenses to remain spotless for a long period. This coating, combined with UV protection and anti-glare, is present on all glasses, whether they are Rx or non-prescription. The greatest aspect is that all of our glasses come with these coatings for free or at no additional cost.