Furniture Storage and Self Storage in Dubai 2023?

Storage Services Dubai

Are you lacking space to store your furniture? You don’t have room to store your belongings?  Perfect Movers is the specialist in storage services in Dubai and private furniture in Dubai that you need. Thanks to its ICI BOX service, you store your furniture in secure boxes. Following your move or simply to compensate for your lack of space, Perfect Movers offers its furniture storage service for individuals.

Why Choose a Storage Solution Adapted to all Your Needs?

  • What distinguishes self-storage from simple storage is access to stored goods. If you do not need to access the items you have stored during Storage Services Dubai we recommend storing them. Otherwise, you might want more flexibility and unhindered access to your belongings.
  • ICI BOX offers you the possibility of storing Furniture Storage Dubai personal effects. Cardboard boxes or goods in a secure storage space. Often used by individuals for working from home, moving or expatriating, our furniture storage offering is perfectly suite to professionals: logistics, storage of goods and supplies, even storage.
  • Our advisors will help you by telephone to define the storage volume and space that suits your needs. Simply take inventory of the items you want to store and get an estimate of the space required. We have several dozen boxes with a surface area ranging from 2m² to 25m² to meet all your needs. Rent your storage space for as long as you want, there is no time commitment and we charge no entry or exit fees.

Furniture storage Dubai: Safe Storage of Your Belongings

ICIBOX makes the security of your assets its priority. In this way, each container and each box is protect by a security code and a padlock, preventing anyone from entering. Your personal belongings are thus perfectly protected. Our storage center and all Furniture Storage in Dubai are placed under video surveillance. An alarm is activate 24 hours a day to prevent theft and intrusion attempts.

Our storage Center near Dubai

Our 2 storage centers are located in the close suburbs of Dubai. We are ideally located between the South and East motorways and are accessible both from the suburbs and from the center of Dubai by public transport. This proximity allows us to compensate for the lack of storage capacity of many Dubai residents and businesses in the region.

Furniture storage Dubai: Rental without having to worry about furniture Storage

 We know it can be complicate to find the right Storage Facility in Dubai compare different quotes, and even pack and move your belongings to your warehouse. Knowing this, we have designed a simple and efficient rental process.

Determine the Required Storage Volume in Dubai?

With our dedicated advisors at your storage service in Dubai. You can estimate the size and number of containers or boxes you need. Depending on the chosen properties, we recommend using a suitably sized container cabinet. Thanks to our no-obligation reservation request, you will receive a free, personalized quote within 24 hours. If the quote suits you, we will establish the rental contract together.

Prepare your Furniture and Personal Effect in Dubai?

ICIBOX offers a wide selection of packaging materials for sale if you do not have the necessary equipment. We have Moving Companies Dubai boxes (cabinets, glass, and dishes), blankets, tapes and closures, protective covers, bubble wrap and packaging, cutters, markers, labels, and protective gloves. In our storage center, trolleys, hand trucks, garages, hand trolleys, pallet trucks, rollers, and other handling equipment are available to you free of charge.

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