How to choose the right Dumbbell for your exercise?

How to choose the right Dumbbell for your exercise

Health is Wealth! It is good to walk, lift weights and do chores. Regular exercising is beneficial for the body and health. Target your physical needs such as Body shape, strength and flexibility Exercising would be ideal to be fit and healthy. It provides mental peace and lets you sleep restfully. A fit body is always safe from diseases, laziness, and stress. Meet your exercise needs at every fitness stage.  You can choose and buy dumbbells for your exercise from Vicky Sports.

Types of Dumbbells

Dumbbells are small, inexpensive, and useful for every workout. There are different types of workouts/exercises for the skill level and physical abilities. Understand which is the Right dumbbell for your exercise.

Rubber coated Dumbbells

These Dumbbells Are Metal dumbbells. They are coated with rubber or neoprene (synthetic rubber). The metal used is cast iron and steel.

  1. Rubber Hex Dumbbells

These Dumbbells have metal handles; they can either be straight or contoured. Their Rubberized head is hexagonal. Some hex dumbbells are completely covered in rubber (including the handle). And, Some brands make them in different ways.

The good thing about these dumbbells, they don’t roll. They are stable and have good options to store them. Leaving them on the floor or any kind of shelf is safe, no need to worry about rolling. The Flat edges ease exercises like devil presses and renegade rows. Knurled handles give a better grip.

  1. Urethane Dumbbells

These Dumbbells are round. The heads are cover with urethane. They are durable and shock-absorbent. The Material of these dumbbells is stronger than Regular rubber. No need to worry about breakage, you can drop them freely. They won’t wear down if they are exposed to sunlight or moisture. However, They can be store outdoors because of urethane.

Urethane Dumbbells don’t have an odor like regular rubber dumbbells. They withstand for long if strong cleaners and disinfectants are used properly. Therefore, They can’t store flat but don’t take too much shelf or storage area. They are available in heavier weights and mostly listed in gym equipment.

  1. Neoprene Dumbbells

These Dumbbells have cast iron core and neoprene covering. They are available in bright colors. However, They are light weighted and used in group class settings or for HIIT workouts.

The Good thing about Neoprene Dumbbells, they are comfortable to hold. You can hold them for long periods before your grips start to weary. Neoprene covering prevents rust, they are mostly available in hexagonal shape. Store them on a flat shelf or freely left on the ground, they won’t roll.

  1. Vinyl Dumbbells

These Dumbbells are similar to Neoprene Dumbbells except the cast iron core is covered with shiny, which means plastic shiny material. They come in bright colors and are hexagonal. Therefore, They are not considered right hex dumbbells. Hexagonal shapes won’t allow them to roll on the surface.

Vinyl added to dumbbells protects your floor from scuff marks and scratches. They are easier to store, and won’t take up too much space. The vinyl material is easy to clean and disinfect in seconds. They have a non-slip grip texture, even when your hands are sweaty, you can easily maintain grip.

Iron Dumbbells

The style of Iron dumbbells is traditional. They are available widely in two patterns – adjustable and one-piece. Chrome Dumbbell is a new version of it. They are good, durable, and cheaper options. These are stylish and used in many gyms using steel and chrome-plated dumbbells.

  1. Cast Iron Hex Dumbbells 

These Dumbbells have hexagonal shapes; they are different from the Rubber dumbbells. As their heads are not covered with rubber. They are made up of cast iron material and are cheaper than other dumbbells. However, They might be affordable fitness equipment.

Cast Iron Hex dumbbells due to their shape won’t roll on the floor. You can easily do floor exercises with them. These dumbbells are fit for those who are sensitive to materials like vinyl. However, they won’t have knurled handles. They can prevent hardness from developing on your hands.

  1. Chrome Dumbbells

These Dumbbells are not as popular as other dumbbells. They are chosen by certain groups of people. Therefore, They have a shiny finish and are made entirely out of chrome. They are also referred to as “Beauty Bells”. However, They are attractive to people who want to look refined in their workout space. The shine gives them a sleek look and is ideal for home gyms and travelers.

Adjustable Dumbbells 

Adjustable dumbbells are flexible, fine, and premium. They settle in minimal space and are fit for performing drop sets. If you want to add good weight in the same exercise over time, they are ideal. They are recommend essential for progressive overload. They won’t roll too much.

  1. Adjustable selectorized dumbbells 

Adjustable selectorized dumbbells are known for advanced sets of weights. If you have these dumbbells, no need to buy another dumbbell. Place them on a flat surface, and use the pin or dial to set the weight. And you are ready to go!

They have their specific standard stands. Place the handle on the weight, set your desired weight, lift the handle, and the plates will be connect. They are improve and advance dumbbells. They are used commercially, efficiently, and sturdy.

  1. Pin lock adjustable dumbbells

These dumbbells are part of adjustable dumbbells. You can adjust them by using small adder weights and get your desired weight. You can perform 28 different weights in one dumbbell. One of the good things about Pun lock adjustable dumbbells, they require less space to store. It feels expensive but when you experience their utilization, it is worth the money. You can easily adjust the weight, in seconds.

  1. Loadable dumbbells

These dumbbells are similar to mini barbells. Plates and handles are separate, you can easily load the plates with dumbbells, the same thing you do for a barbell. They are versatile and have large diameters. Sometimes, it becomes annoying to pay separately. Loadable dumbbells cost lower upfront than other adjustable dumbbells.

Buy Dumbbells Guide

Are you willing to transform your body from fat to fit? If yes, Dumbbells are one of the best ways to do so. Dumbbells are flexible fitness equipment used at the gym, home gym, and simply. You can use dumbbells wherever you go, some are lighter ones. Buying any dumbbells is not good, you can go through with needs, price, and abilities.

Fitness is an important aspect of life. Many people search that they lack the time or access to gym equipment. That’s where the “Buy Dumbbells Guide” comes in. Therefore, This guide offers information on purchasing the right size weights and provides a variety of exercises that can be done at home.

Here are some points you need to consider before buying dumbbells:

  1. Gripping is the most important thing to consider when buying a dumbbell. During a workout, if you sweat a lot, avoid those dumbbells that have smooth rods. They make your training session difficult and cause injuries. Buy Rough ones; their increased friction would not affect your grip. Buy Dumbbells now!
  1. Which type of workout routine do you follow? It matters. You need to consult with a fitness trainer before any final decision about dumbbells. The trainer will recommend you right dumbbells depending on your body frame, strength capacity, and exercise routine.
  1. Dumbbells require space to store. If you have minimal storage space, go directly for an adjustable dumbbell. You can completely dismantle them if you are not using them. It is important to consider space, accidents may happen.
  1. Level of training

Select those weights that fit your training level. The wrong weight does not give you the desired result and creates other problems.

  1. Define your budget 

Keep your budget defined in your mind when you look for the available options. Regretting later for overspending doesn’t mean anything. This will assist you in choosing the right dumbbell that will give you satisfaction for your money.

  1. Branded Dumbbell

Always go for trusted and popular brands, do not waste your money on cheaper options. For a long time, they will not satisfy your needs. Durable and premium quality buy Dumbbells from Vicky Sports now!

  1. Go for the Right discs 

Two types of Dumbbell discs are available – Round and hexagonal shape. If you feel your dumbbell would not roll on the surface, prefer a hexagonal dumbbell. Therefore, If not, Round dumbbells are eagerly waiting for you.

  1. Need for Other Essentials 

Check whether you additionally spend on other essentials of dumbbells as storage racks, gym gloves, and many more. If you want a professional session, then you must buy them. You can go for combos and save money. Buy Dumbbells online and look at other essentials. Deal with Sports Products online form Vicky Sports at the best prices!


In Conclusion, Consider the types of dumbbell sets and buying guides above. They will assist you with something best and budget-friendly. Vicky Sports is the only brand serving you quality, durable, and premium fitness equipment online. Try our exclusive set of dumbbells and other fitness equipment. Deal now for the exclusive and long!