How to Find a Car You Previously Owned: With or Without VIN


Finding a car you previously owned can be an exciting and challenging task. Whether you have the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or not, here are some methods you can try to locate your old vehicle:

  1. Finding a Car You Previously Owned with the VIN:
    • Use Online Services: Websites like CarFax provide vehicle history reports based on the VIN. These reports can provide information about the current and previous owners, maintenance records, accidents, and more. However, these services usually require payment.
    • Contact the DMV: Reach out to your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. If you have your old driver’s license number or the license plate number associated with the vehicle, they may be able to provide you with the VIN information. Remember that they cannot disclose the current owner’s details.
    • Contact the Insurance Company: Get in touch with the insurance company you were using when you owned the car. They should have records of the vehicles they insured, including the VIN.
  2. Tracking Down the VIN:
    • Check Old Paperwork: Look through your old registration or insurance documents. The VIN may be listed on these papers.
    • Visit the DMV: If you don’t have the VIN, visit the DMV and provide them with your previous driver’s license number or license plate number. They may be able to provide you with the VIN associated with your old vehicle.
    • Contact the Insurance Company: If the DMV route doesn’t work, try contacting your previous insurance company. They might have the VIN information on file.
    • Locate the Bill of Sale: If you have the bill of sale from when you purchased or sold the vehicle, it should contain the VIN.
  3. Finding a Car You Previously Owned Without the VIN:
    • Use the License Plate Number: If you remember or can find the license plate number associated with the vehicle, you may be able to obtain the VIN from it.
    • Trace Previous Owners: If you sold the car, try reaching out to the person you sold it to. If they don’t have it anymore, ask if they can provide information about who they sold it to. Continue this process until you find someone who has the vehicle.
    • Utilize Online Platforms: Join relevant Facebook groups or online forums where car enthusiasts gather. Post information about your old vehicle, including details and photos. There’s a chance someone may recognize it or provide leads.

Remember that locating your old vehicle is not guaranteed, and even if you find it, there’s no guarantee that the current owner will sell it to you. Enjoy the journey and be prepared for different outcomes.

Good luck in your search for your previously owned car!