Learn How Tech Startups Can Boost The Food Delivery Industry !

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Tech Startups have made great strides in streamlining food delivery by using technology. Some apps also allow customers to make custom orders or request special items, which helps reduce the chance of miscommunications.

Tech startups are exploring new delivery methods, such as drone and robot delivery. This could reduce the chaos that comes with traditional food delivery.

Food Tech in India: The Rise of Food Tech

Zomato or Swiggy is a name you’re sure to have heard of, or any one of the Indian food delivery services. Food tech has seen a massive rise in the last decade and is expected to continue growing. There are over 100 food technology startups in India, with projected revenue of $7.5-8 Billion USD by 2022, up from $4 in 2020. So it’s the best time to join a food-tech startup in India.

What’s the future of the food industry?

The food and beverage industry is entering an exciting phase. We are still determining if this phase will last, but we can be confident that food delivery app development company that capitalize on it will reap enormous rewards soon. So what’s the new stage? Personalization and Comfort.

Customers have seen eCommerce’s impact on their lives and realized how much they underestimate its potential. Because everyone has different tastes, almost everyone orders online.Restaurants and businesses are now forced to adapt their classic dishes to meet customers’ needs. 

What innovative approaches are there in food delivery app startups?

Some innovative Approaches in food delivery app startups are as follows:

  • Use a virtual assistant to order food.

Apple Siri and Google Assistant are available for iOS and Android, respectively. These virtual assistants are programmed to respond to users and listen to them. These assistants can perform many functions even without the user touching the phone. All smartphones have this feature.

This feature can be used to order food online. In addition, you can make the food delivery app seamlessly support inputs from virtual assistants.

This innovative feature is already available in dominos and other top-rated food apps. In addition, other AI-powered assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, can be connected to the app to place orders.

  • Buy With Eyes

Although this advanced feature is still being developed, it is excellent. This feature is based on eye-tracking technology. The app allows users to order food by simply looking at the menu.

This technology must be installed on the smartphone. The eye-tracking sensor turns ‘on’ when the app is opened. The eye tracking sensor tracks the user’s eye movements to determine the order.

  • Food orders from Twitter

Ordering food can be made easy if a customer uses Twitter and his location is in sync with it. Then, ordering food is as easy as sending a tweet directly to the food delivery startup page.

This feature was first made possible by Dominos. A user must send a tweet with an emoji unique to dominos to place an order for dominos online. This feature does not require any significant changes to the app design.

This type of order can help you market. This feature would also be popular with customers.

  • Delivery using Robots

For example, autonomous robots can be used for multiple food orders. During peak hours, delivery agents may not be available. This can affect food ordering. However, these orders can be delivered by autonomous robots.

It is very simple. The robots use GPS and cameras to navigate. A code is used to confirm delivery once the robot has reached the customer. However, this technology has one major problem: it is costly to maintain and unavailable for new startups.

  • Order Crypto Food

 A Food delivery app development company is now accepting crypto payments. Although cryptocurrency is not yet regulated in most major markets, it has many opportunities. For example, Pizzaforcoins, an online delivery service that takes cryptocurrency, accepts more than 50 cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency payment has the advantage of avoiding fraudulent activity. However, different users may use other payment methods, and crypto payment could be one of those.

  • Advertisement for Augmented Reality (AR)

Do you want to start your own business and spend less on marketing but get more results? AR advertising is the best option for you. AR advertising is typically done on mobile, which uses the mobile camera’s 3D capabilities to overlay 3D images onto the screen. For example, you can display a 3d image that shows food floating on the screen, which can then be eaten. AR ads create an immersive experience and an emotional connection with users. It will be interactive and joyful for customers.


Tech Startups have made significant progress in making food delivery less chaotic by leveraging the power of technology. India is experiencing tremendous growth, with potential unicorns leading the charge and innovative food and beverage startup leaders. Connect with the leading on demand app development company to explore more creative solutions.