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Golden Pearl moisturizer

No two skins are alike, but there are considered to be five types of skin:

  • Dry: prone to the appearance of fine and premature wrinkles.
  • Normal: the skin is smooth and not prone to acne.
  • Mixed: the skin is dry on some parts and oily on others. The care is done according to the skin type.
  • Fat: prone to blackheads.
  • Sensitive: may be sensitive to certain ingredients in cosmetic products. He is allergic.

Dry skin care

  • Do not clean the skin with soap, because it removes the natural secretion of sebum.
  • Use a mild cleaning product.
  • Use moisturizing cream or moisturizing solution throughout the day.
  • Apply a night cream before going to bed.
  • During the cold season, use a moisturizing cream to keep your skin healthy.
  • Massage the skin with almond and olive oil.

Normal skincare

  • The care ritual is the well-known one: clean, tone, and hydrate daily, using natural products.
  • Moisturize yourself properly to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Use moisturizing creams and lotions that contain vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins counteract the effects of free radicals (molecules that form at the skin level, with exposure to environmental factors: pollution, and solar radiation).

Combination skincare

  • In the case of this type of skin, the oily skin is concentrated on the T zone (forehead level, nose tip, and chin level).
  • Clean the face twice a day.
  • Use a gentle cleanser to remove impurities, dust, and make-up residue.
  • For dry areas of the face that require hydration to prevent the formation of premature wrinkles, use a moisturizer for dry skin.
  • Use creams based on hydro-acids and vitamin C (they even out the skin).
  • Keep a bottle of rose water in the fridge. Soak a floppy disk and dab the face.

Oily skincare

  • It is greasy to the touch.
  • It is prone to the appearance of black dots and pustules.
  • In the case of this skin, it is very important to keep it clean and to control sebum secretion.
  • This type of skin has the advantage that it ages more slowly than the others, being protected by the natural secretion of sebum from the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Oily skin should be cleaned twice a day.
  • Use a gentle cleanser that prevents clogging of pores.
  • After removing make-up, use a tonic (astringent) lotion that removes excess sebum.
  • Do not use alcohol-based astringents, because they remove too much sebum from the face.
  • Hydrate yourself! Liquids help to remove toxins from the body.
  • Adopt a balanced diet (with fruits and green vegetables).


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Exceptionally hydrating cream with hyaluronic acid and exopolysaccharides that increase moisture content by over 200%.
It strongly slows down skin aging. Composed of the most powerful active ingredients. It restores the moisture balance and protects the skin against Golden Pearlernal stress. Repairs the skin structure, reduces wrinkles, and improves elasticity. Strengthens cell function so they can function optimally to maintain healthy and resilient skin. Very effective in reducing the signs of aging.

Excellence GOLDEN PEARL-cream, ultra-moisturizing supplement. Without water, no biological process can take place in the cell. It is a basic requirement. Specific proteins and lipids in the Beauty Cream give a boost to the moisture content of the skin. Enzyme functions and other biological functions are optimized, which benefits the skin. Hyaluronic acid capsules contour wrinkles from the inside out, while exopolysaccharides immediately increase moisture levels. Skin hydration increases to 200%! Recommended for all skin types.

Golden Pearl Excellence:

Moisturizes the skin (improves moisture by 200%);
Fast and long-term hydration;
Prevents scaling;
Reduces wrinkles;
Improves skin elasticity;
Improves firmness;
Controls inflammation;
Improves energy levels;
Stimulates collagen.

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