Optimal Roller Shutter Installation Practices

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Upgrade your property’s security with durable roller shutter installation. Our guide offers advice on the installation process and ensures optimal performance.


Roller shutters Installation has a long history dating back to the 1800s, with traditional push-pull belt operation and gear-operated shutters. Modern technology has given roller shutters a massive step forward with the use of tubular motors and automatic operations.


This application manual provides practical information on correct roller shutter installation and a general guide for roller shutter selection.


Roller shutters are the most versatile door products available to

  • Control all sizes of openings
  • Protect windows
  • Serve counters, and warehouse and factory doors


This blog aims to provide the best possible advice on roller shutter installation practices.

Pre-Installation Preparation

It is important to organize or unpack all components before roller shutter installation preparation begins. Unpack the roller shutter hood, guides, bottom rail, curtain, and brackets.


Store components without removing the protective film, only remove the film just before the installation.


Make sure components are easily identifiable as there are about six different hood sizes and sometimes two different curtain profiles. In the event of any confusion with components, measure components to determine the correct part.

Installation Process

The roller shutter installation is a major part of the way that the shutter will perform and how long it will last. 


There are many ways to install roller shutters and indeed many different types of installation, such as built-in reveals, between brick piers, etc.


However, these instructions assume a typical installation using a roll-formed steel or aluminium shutter on a window.


The roller shutter installation process involves fixing the guides to the wall, placing the curtain into the guides, and track into position. The shutter then becomes useful and is down to check its operation before the final step of fixing into the place. 


The shutter installation directly onto a window opening effectively seals the shutter to that opening, reducing the risk of damage.

Post-installation Maintenance

Upon finishing the installation, the important factors to remember are safety and difficulty of access. If it is near the sea, then corrosion to the moving parts is possible, therefore more regular maintenance is essential.

Areas near new roads are an issue due to metal fragments in the air, which can result in rust spots on steel products. After roller shutter installation is done, the paperwork has been signed off, and everyone is happy with the job.

The real work starts then – properly maintaining the roller shutter. For that, we need to do more than one oiling of the moving parts. The consequences of not maintaining the product result in a shorter lifespan than the product is engineered for.

Problems During The Installation Process

Ineffective roller shutter installation can present immediate and long-term problems for the building occupants. 


Such problems can include jamming, shutting the roller shutter out of alignment, and inconvenient roller shutters. These problems are most commonly due to installation shortcuts and the use of irrelevant installers.


By identifying and understanding the cause of these problems, consumers can now make a more informed choice on installation methods.


It becomes easy to inform the consumers about the skill level of installers to avoid such problems. It will ultimately improve productivity and will reduce costs in roller shutter rework due to incorrect practices.


The theme of product reliability and long-term strength needs a strong focus. This was becoming apparent through the research and correlation with product and installation failures.

An opinion based on practical experiences and results is easy to form at every stage for optimal roller shutter installation.

The common theme also involves the need to balance cost-effective practices with durability and long-term product performance.

Ready to upgrade your house or commercial enterprise safety? Install roller shutters today for peace of thought and protection. Our long-lasting shutters are easy to operate and provide a further layer of protection for your property.

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