Pregnancy Tracking App Development: Get a Complete Insight!


We cannot even imagine the hardships moms-to-be and mothers have to endure, but no more ignorance of their mental and physical illnesses comes with pregnancy. 

Wondering how?

Well, all credit goes to pregnancy tracking app development that lets all moms-to-be learn about different stages and live a stress-free and healthy lifestyle while running the app seamlessly. 

The wealth of benefits that this app provides are exceptional, from looking after the health of both mother and child to reminding the former about medication and doctor appointments. The positive impacts that the app brings are huge; that’s why visionary entrepreneurs cannot resist themselves to turn an app idea like this into reality. 

Looking for more insights?

Consider reading the remaining guide and enlighten yourself with the magical performance of the pregnancy tracking app. When you join hands with the top mobile app development company in Dubai, the journey to developing your future-proof solutions seems more accessible and hassle-free. 

Features to Create a Pregnancy Tracker App

While creating your own pregnancy tracker app, you must ensure to integrate these essential features that include: 

  • Registration 

The first impression is the last. What the users do after completing the installation of an app is registering themselves. So, you must take advantage of this opportunity and provide your users with all the necessary things they want seamlessly and effortlessly. It will help you beat the competitive edge and let you win successfully.

  • Home Screen

Now, it’s the time you need to work on the home screen of your app. Make sure that it is intuitive with a user-centric design and provides a pleasant outline of the baby’s growth, a nutrition intake monitor, and blogs about maternal health and the baby’s growing stages. All these on the home screen attract end users, and you will have the most fantastic consumer interaction. 

  • Community Support

Although it takes a lot to find a caring community, pregnant moms can easily do it by leveraging an in-app forum where users can interact, consult, and share their experiences with the expected moms. 

  • Contraction Timer

Using the feature, pregnant moms can monitor the baby’s contractions and kicks along with the strength. Isn’t it a good thing? The contraction timer lets the mothers know about their babies. Consult the best healthcare app development company to develop your app today. 

  • Calendar 

For mothers to add notes, set reminders, and record day-to-day data about their mental health, physical health, medication consumption, mood swings, etc., this feature must be provided to them. 

  • Goal Setting

The feature allows mothers-to-be to set goals like ideal weight, daily steps, sleep, and nutrition calculator and accomplish them for better physical and mental health. 

  • Insights and Resources

Blogs that provide your users with essential topics, insights, and phases should be placed without any faults and help mothers-to-be feel confident and happy about their journey. 

  • Profile

Mothers-to-be can create and modify their profiles with all the information and details, such as weight, height, due date, and partners’ information, while synchronizing the app with various devices, including Android, iOS, and wearables. 

  • Customer Support 

24/7 customer support is also ensured to mothers-to-be so they don’t feel alone during pregnancy and live their hearts towards a healthy childbirth. 

What is the Development Procedure of the Pregnancy Tracking App?

Now, let’s move into the requirements that need to be fulfilled for developing a custom-made and intuitive pregnancy tracking app. 

  • Development

Just consult with the top mobile app development company in Dubai that can help you develop your app with all the features, tools, and technologies you want to integrate. You can choose the best among the cross-platform and native app development that cater to your users’ needs like never before. 

  • App Designing

Following the UI principles, the high-graded UI/UX designers of an IT company help you craft a visually tempting, user-friendly, and interactive app design. 

  • Messaging Functionality

Instead of all these mentioned above, you can integrate third parties like push notifications to let the users learn about any information you want to share. 

Interesting, right?

  • Testing and Debugging

It’s time to test the app for any bugs that can disturb its performance and seamless user interface. After successfully testing the app, you can ask the quality analyst team of your technology partner to remove the bugs and turn your app into a faultless digital solution. 

What is the cost of building a pregnancy app?

The cost to build a pregnancy app depends on multiple factors, including app platform, features & functionalities, development time, complexities, etc. For instance, if the app is built for iOS, the cost is high, and vice versa, and the same goes for the huge list of features, more time taken for the development than supposed, and complexities. 

However, to know the cost, you must connect with the people who are into technology. 

To Sum it Up!

So, this is how you can build a pregnancy tracking app and bring mothers closer to their happiness and mental peace. We hope you have no doubts till now. However, if you have any doubts or want to ask any questions, just book a consultation with our experts in the best healthcare app development company. We will help you resolve all your doubts about the pregnancy tracking app development.