Reasons To Go For Buggy Desert Dubai


Dubai is renowned for its immense desert scenery, famous skyscrapers, and abundant luxury opportunities. Going on thrilling dune buggy desert tours is one of the biggest things you must do in Dubai. The thrill of a high-powered dune buggy as it races along the dunes of the vast desert is a great way to see this magnificent natural resource. In this article, you will get to know attractive reasons to consider a buggy desert dubai adventure.

Experience Thrilling Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is an incredible adrenalin-binding sport that involves driving a 4 X 4 vehicle over the tall sand dunes. Interacting with the desert, whose form is constantly changing, the vehicle rockets and lifts and falls up and down. This is equivalent with the feel of being on a roller coaster when you speed up over the hills and dunes. The thrill of dune bashing takes you to the edge because of the extreme adrenaline rush. A dune buggy guided tour gives the opportunity to feel what dune bashing at its peak is. Buckle up and grab your seat belt tight as you zip through the desert like a bullet for a sensational rush of adrenaline.

Custom-made buggies feature high suspension, big tires, and powerful engines to perform the task of blazing the trail through sand dunes. Skilled drivers perfectly negotiate the steep sandy climb and then very fast deceleration along the way. The car will rock from left to right as it heads on to soft sand. Buggy puts you closer to the ground, so it feels more adventurous than 4×4 would, even though it’s nimble. The wilderness lays in front of you as you jump, sway, and rattle your way through the sand dunes on an adrenaline rollercoaster.  

Take In Views from Peak Dunes

An exciting part of a dune buggy desert tour is when the buggy climbs to the top of the tallest dunes. As you reach the peak after driving over many smaller dunes, a majestic desert landscape will unfold before your eyes. Gaze out at rolling waves of sand dunes extending to the horizon. From this lofty vantage point you can fully appreciate the sheer size and scale of Dubai’s desert.

The guide will stop the buggy at the summit of a few of the highest dunes so passengers can admire the panoramic desert scenery. The immense sea of sand and solitude creates a peaceful atmosphere. Breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the silence at the top of a dune is a magical experience. This is a great time to take impressive photos of your buggy posed on the sandy crest with desert views behind you.

Visit Traditional Desert Camps

Most dune buggy desert tours include stops at Bedouin-style desert camps, providing an authentic Arabian experience. After an exciting buggy ride over the dunes, you can relax at the traditional camps. Unwind on plush Arabic carpets and pillows laid out in the shade. Sip on refreshing Arabic coffee and tea while smoking fruity shisha from a hookah pipe.

Desert camps provide glimpses into traditional Emirati culture. You will have the chance to meet falcons up close and watch camels nearby. colorful craft activities let you make souvenirs out of camel bones. In the evening, watch captivating cultural performances such as Tanoura spinning, traditional dancing, and Arabic singing. Savoring a delicious barbecue dinner under the stars tops off the magical desert camp visit. Arriving at the camp sites by adventurous dune buggy makes the cultural experience even more special.

Try Exhilarating Sandboarding

Many dune buggy tours offer sandboarding, allowing you to snowboard or surf down the towering sandy dunes. Climbing up the soft slope of a dune and then sandboarding back down is an absolute blast. As a beginner, you can sandboard while seated or standing upright to get the hang of balancing on the board. Once you get comfortable, you can try kneeling or lying down to increase your speed. More advanced sandboarders can attempt jumps and tricks as they shred down the dunes.

Combining a thrilling dune buggy ride with heart-pumping sandboarding combines two of Dubai’s most popular desert activities into one incredible experience. The buggy brings you deep into the reserves where the biggest dunes are located. The guides expertly select the best dunes for sandboarding. The soft texture of the fine sand makes sandboarding safe for people of all ages and skill levels. Zooming down the dunes on a board after the exhilarating buggy ride is the perfect way to end each adventurous desert tour stop.

Marvel at Sunset Views

One of the best times to ride a dune buggy in the desert is at sunset when the sand glows in beautiful warm hues. Many tour companies offer sunset dune buggy rides so you can experience the desert at this magical hour. Watching the sun dip below the dunes while you race over the sandy terrain is an incredible experience. The sunset paints the sky vibrant shades of red, orange, pink and purple.

Stop atop a high dune with unobstructed views to watch the sunset transform the landscape into a brilliant canvas of color. As the sun disappears over the horizon, the dunes gradually change from golden yellow to fiery orange to muted red. The moments when the entire desert is bathed in a soft red glow are especially stunning. Photos taken during the sunset buggy ride will be prized memories of your Dubai vacation. The sunset dune buggy ride is often the grand finale of an exciting desert tour.

See the Desert Wildlife

The Dubai desert is home to a variety of unique wildlife species that have adapted to thrive in the harsh, arid conditions. During your dune buggy tour, keep your eyes peeled for indigenous animals like graceful gazelles, noble camels, sly desert foxes, speedy Arabian oryx, endangered sand cats, majestic birds of prey like falcons, and more. The best times for animal sightings are early in the morning and near sunset when desert creatures are most active.

Make sure to bring good binoculars and a camera with a powerful zoom lens to get close up views of any animals you spot roaming the dunes. Seeing a herd of camels or gazelles silhouetted against the brilliant red and orange hued desert at sunset is extremely memorable. Your guide will stop the buggy to allow you time to take photos of any desert dwellers you see along the tour route. Witnessing camels, gazelles and other wildlife in their natural habitat adds to theoverall adventure.

Photograph the Spectacular Landscapes

The desert provides endless picture-perfect backdrops, making a dune buggy tour ideal for photography. Capture shots of your buggy kicking up clouds of dust as it surmounts massive creamy yellow dunes. Crouch down low to photograph the buggy’s grooved tracks leading to the summit of a dune. The curving, rippled patterns left on the sand by the buggy tires make for artistic abstract photos.

Pose your family or travel companions for memorable pics in front of oasis lakes or with the towering dunes behind you. At sunset, take photos as the last light of day illuminates the desert in beautiful golden hues. Photos of camels walking along the sandy horizon or silhouetted on the dunes make terrific souvenirs. A dune buggy desert tour provides incredible landscapes to create stunning vacation photography.

Night Camping under the Stars

Hence many dune buggy tour companies provide desert camping opportunities with overnight experience, and travelers get to have a fabulous time deep in the desert. Spend the night in the magic of the tent in the constellation twinkling after dune buggy chasing the excitement. Get up and observe a fantastic dawn of the red mountains and coming to look around the golden dunes in a buggy.

Second part of the day, we will have a delicious barbecue and spend a candlelight camp. Hear captivating stories while siping hot chocolate around a crackling fire in the background beneath an open vast sky shining with dazzling twinkling stars. In the morning, take Arabic coffee while you see the sunrise lights up the dunes bit by bit. Spending a night at the dunes at midnight experiences the wilderness at its best in the quiet of the night.


Visiting the marvellous city of Dubai is a must but to get the most out of it, is absolutely necessary that you combine the visit with a desert buggy rental tour. The thrill to drive the dune buggy through the beautiful sandy scenery surrounded by the deserts is a way to rediscover adventures of life. You will be filled with adrenaline during the dune bashing and sandboarding; you will see fantastic panoramas, take pictures, and find fascinating animals; and finally, you will experience Arabian culture and camping all in the evenings. Together with your friends or family, and go on a dune buggy desert tour, to get incredible lifelong memories of adventure and adrenaline. It’s the final touch of Dubai that you can’t miss.