The Meaning Of Italian Poncho

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Italy is one of those countries in the world that is immensely popular for its rich culture, heritage, history, food and fashion. You must have noticed Italy is one of the countries where a majority of fashionistas exist. There are different designs and styles of outfits available here that are exported to different countries all across the world. Out of many such outfits, Italian poncho is a famous and unique attire and very close to the heart of the Italians. You may or may not have heard the name of this outfit before, but it is one of the staple outfits for the Italians that they have been using since ages. You can wear a poncho in different ways to look stylish and in fact can make a unique fashion statement with it for yourself.

In this article we shall be looking at the meaning, the origin and the modern use of a poncho. These days, ponchos are available everywhere in the market. In fact, you can order them online as well. Belle Love Clothing, for instance, is an online store in the UK, famous for providing many Italian outfits. Apart from poncho, here you will get Italian knitwear and other different types of outfits at an affordable price. Apart from Italy, ponchos are also immensely popular in Latin America. They are either made up of fabric that keeps you warm in the winter season, or of waterproof material that keeps you dry in the rainy season. Poncho is found in quadrangular shape. It is a single large piece outfit with a hole or opening at the centre for the head and arms.

Italian Poncho

In general, this outfit is a part of typical South American indigenous culture. This outfit is also associated with a mantle. A mantle is a rectangular outfit having a hole or an opening in the centre for the head. The mention of ponchos is found in Italian literature. These outfits are used in different ways. Since it is the season of winter, these days you will find cashmere poncho everywhere in the UK.

Cashmere Poncho UK

The Use of Poncho in Different Culture

As already mentioned above, it is a type of garment that comes with a hole at the top or at the centre for the head. It is generally us-ed as an internal clothing, which keeps a person warm in winter and dry in rain. If a poncho is being us-ed in the rainy season, it is made up of waterproof material, or else, it is made up of wool or the fabrics that keep us warm in the winter season.

Traditionally, these outfits have been worn by the Native American people of the Andes since the pre Hispanic period. There are different literary books that explain the use of this outfit in America, England and other different countries across the world.

Do not confuse poncho with that of serape or jorongo. A serape or jorongo is an outfit similar to that of the poncho and is worn as a traditional Mexican garment by men and women of that place. The outfit is just like that of the shawl or cloak and is made of either wool or cotton. It is long, available in bright colours and comes with intricate designs and patterns. It is a famous Mexican cultural symbol, however it is not exactly like that of the poncho. Both the outfits are different in style and pattern, although they may be serving the same purpose.

Italian Poncho

Another Word for Poncho in Spanish

We all know this basic concept that a noun is a term that we can use for a person, thing, idea, feeling, location, animal and so on. However, in Spanish, a noun is either feminine or masculine, masculine being the common one. The term “poncho” in Spanish is us-ed as a feminine noun. The Spanish word for poncho is “manta”.

Summing Up

 A poncho is a unique and versatile attire which you can wear with different other outfits to get a stylish look. It is us-ed in different cultures in different ways. However, they are mostly us-ed for keeping us warm or dry. These days, different varieties and styles of ponchos are available in the market which you can pair with different other garments and create your own fashion statement. Since the winter season is going on, you can pair a poncho with different types of knitwear. Do not worry, if you require plus size garments for yourself. You will find different types of plus size ponchos and plus size knitwear in the UK.