Top Hollywood Actors Rocking The Bald Look


Whenever we picture a human figure, we automatically think of a head full of hair, a complete look. Moreover, hair is that part of our body that has been with us since the very moment we are born. So, it is quite obvious that losing hair can be a pretty saddening feeling especially when it is something that is not experienced by everyone.


Most people feel devastated when they start losing their hair, they try to change their hairstyle, use different hair products, or even undergo surgery hair transplant surgery to fight this problem. In contrast, others play it cool and just shave their complete head with a head shaver to create an all-bald look.


So, one thing can be said that losing hair isn’t the end of the world, moreover, there are many actors in Hollywood who have been rocking the bald look for years.


  • Samuel L. Jackson – You have seen this talented actor in Jurassic Park movies and almost all Marvel movies. This bald actor has been rocking the movie screens for ages proving that being bald has nothing to do with looking good or being a good actor.


  • Patrick Stewart – The famous Professor X of X – Men first started his movie career with the movie Trevor Nunn’s Hedda in the year 1975 and ever since then, he has been impressing his fan base with his excellent performance in several movies. But throughout his career, his looks have changed a lot and now he just rocks the bald look.


  • Stanley Tucci – This bald actor is the biggest example that being bald has nothing to do with looking handsome as he once won the title of the Sexiest man alive by GQ. So even if you are not balding, you can still try to shave your head with a head shaver to ace the same looks as this good-looking man.


  • Bruce Willis – Die Hard one of the best action movies of all time, made Bruce Willis an overnight star. He has immense worldwide popularity and people all around the world have been admiring him for the past two decades. Later in life he slowly started losing his hair but that never came in the way of his immense popularity and he is loved and admired even today.


  • Dwayne Johnson – There’s no one who can rock the all-bald look better than The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson. This crowd favorite actor initially he first started his career as a professional wrestler and ruled the wrestling ring for years. Later on, joined the Hollywood industry and gave some ever-lasting performances in many movies, his first movie was Beyond the Mat and ever since then he has worked in many movies like Jumanji, Fast and Furious series, Black Adam, and many more.


  • K. Simmons – We all remember watching a bald loud mouthed editor Jonas Jameson of the old Spider-Man Trilogy as a kid or as an adult. If you are someone who is suffering from signs of balding and wants to try something different from the all clean bald look then you can use a head shaver for men and shave the center of your head and leave the sides, basically a similar look like this legendary actor.


  • Jonathan Banks – If you are someone who has been an avid watcher of the famous show Breaking Bad then you are definitely familiar with this face. This bald actor has been rocking the silver screens and small screens for ages and can be in successful projects like Better Call Saul.


Tips to rock a bald look


  • Grow A Beard – If you have a round or heavy face then growing a beard can be a great way of giving structure to your face when you have no hair on your head. Moreover, a beard is often referred to as makeup for men, so you can even try this look by just shaving your head with a head shaver and keeping a full beard.


  • Care Your Scalp And Skin – Shaved head is prone to get affected by dandruff and dryness so it is important for all bald men to use moisturizing oils and creams. Moreover, you should also use sunscreen creams to avoid getting sunburned on the top of your head.


  • Wear The Hat – If you have just started to lose hair due to medical issues or age and don’t feel comfortable enough to sport the all bald look then you can try wearing hats for the time being. It is both practical and stylish as it will not only look good with many outfits but also protect your head from immense heat and keep it cool. There are many hats available in the market, pick some according to your personal style and outfits.


Final Takeaway


Losing your hair can be pretty drastic initially but you shouldn’t feel like it’s the end for you. Being bald has nothing to do with looking handsome and there are many actors in Hollywood who prove the same by rocking the screens for years. So if you spot that your hair is thinning or there are some bald patches, then just take a head shaver for men and rock the all clean bald look.