Difference between Kashmir willow Cricket Bat & English willow Cricket Bat

1. Difference between Kashmir willow Cricket Bat & English willow Cricket Bat

Are you a cricket aspirant? If yes, you have to come across these terms at least once at the beginning of your cricket career. Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat and English Willow Cricket Bat are the most popular willow among the cricketer’s community.

Do you know why bats are referred to as willows? Because the wood of bats has been derived from the willow plant of Salix alba. The bark of these plants has even used as medicine for colds, fevers, and joint pains over the years. Willows grow in different countries and are different from each other because of physical factors. These willows are famous and used among professionals.

Basic Difference between the Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat and English Willow Cricket

We understand the basic difference between the Kashmir willow cricket bat and English willow Cricket and believe in delivering the details of the willows. Have a look:

1. General Factors

The Physical properties of willow depend on the location. Different climates are found across the globe. The best willow found in Kashmir and England is Salix alba. Both are durable and solid with high rebound quality and low moisture content. These bats are ideal to use with leather balls. How to select the ideal willow, check the:

2. Durability

There is a huge difference between the Kashmir willow and English willow bats in terms of durability. English willow bats are delicate and require a shed. Kashmir willow bats are tough and perfect, like Indians.

3. Color

Color is a visible difference between the Kashmir willow and English willow Cricket bats. The Shade of English willow bats is whiter and Kashmir willow bats are dull off. This is the reason why English willow is shiner and more elegant than its Kashmiri counterparts.

4. Grain Texture

You have found thin black/brown lines on the surface of the bat. English willow grains are more noticeable and stand out. This doesn’t mean Kashmir willow bats are of poor quality. English willow Cricket bats have up to 15 grains, while Kashmir willow has 4 to 5 grains.

If you are interested in having a willow bat, consider the grain texture, as it is an important factor. This difference defines its capability.

5. Weighing and Orientation

One of the noticeable factors between the bats is weight composition and orientation of weight. Kashmir willow bats are heavier compared to their English counterparts. The primary reason is that they have high density and moisture, which leads to heaviness. High-quality Kashmir willow bats are perfect to balance and speed up batting skills.

English willow fibers are vertically oriented, while Kashmir willow is slightly horizontally oriented. This orientation is one of the reasons that the grains are more pronounced than Kashmir willow.

6. Longevity

Kashmir willow cricket bats are more durable than English willow. If we care properly, Kashmir willow will last up to 5 years.

English willow Cricket bats are softer. There are chances of breaking the bat, if not smashed correctly.

7. Price

We know the budget plays a vital role. The choice of the bat as per playing level, age, and skill. Whether professional or beginners, all are pocket conscious.

English willow cricket bats are costlier than Kashmir willow cricket bats. However, English willow bats can be purchased from anywhere and range from INR 3000. Moving to Kashmir willow cricket bats, ranging from INR 1000.

Which should you Purchase?

Kashmir willow Cricket bats are cheaper but not cheap in quality and balance. English willow Cricket bats are expensive, Lighter, and lead to better flexibility. Kashmir willow bats are of high quality, ideal to begin professional practice with them. It is good to have first Kashmir willow bats, once you master your practice. It is better to switch that time to a high-quality English willow bat.


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